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exciting times


vroom vroom!


Hi friends!

There is a reason why I have been so busy this past little while, and I have been restraining myself from telling you, until now.

Because now, the papers are signed, things are confirmed, and we are going ahead.

The man who told us to
wait at a café was a real estate agent. He was putting a bid on a house for us on tuesday night,

and we won! (YAAAY!!!)

I would have never thought we were going to be homeowners by the end of 2009! I feel so fortunate! Jin and I are so excited, we can barely sleep!

We get posession in mid December.

I better start packing!


Yukiko Otsu

yukiko otsu

You may have heard me mention Yukiko around here! We have been really good friends for a long time now. I met her on the first day of highschool in art class, and since that day, I have always been blown away by her amazing creations. She is talented in so many ways, let me just show you.

She insisted on making me my wedding dress, and all I had for reference was a photo of the dress I wanted. She made up her own pattern, and somehow, magically, she crafted my wedding dress. It was truely amazing, any bride is lucky to have a skilled, talented, and BRAVE friend like her around.

Her drawings for what she wore today are super cute!

She is an amazing cook.

And now, she opened up an online store for her illustrations!! I have been waiting for her to open one since I learned about etsy! I am so happy for her! This one is one of my favourites she did. Isn't it beautiful?



yarn grid


tea light

it started to rain

"wait for me at a café" he said.

so we did, at
the Drake.

Jin worked intensely on the laptop while I sipped my iced tea. I was relieved to finally have a moment to snap some photos.

We waited a very long time, and it started to rain.


I have been pretty absent from here these days, I apologize. Jin and I have been quite busy during the night time after work, but a good busy you know?

I hope your week has been a good one, and if it a busy, I hope it is a good busy too.

hugs and kisses


tiny two's


IMG_3360 copy





I met two tiny little sisters this weekend, with tiny little hands, and tiny little fingers. Their names are Sarah and Layla, and they came into our lives two weeks ago.

Gabe and I did our first baby photo session this weekend. My good friends just gave birth to twins, and we happily went over with our cameras to capture them at their tiniest. They must have been really really tiny two weeks ago, because they are really small now! We had so much fun in this session, I really hope we are able to do more of these in the future!

Congratulations Noah and Leanna!

These are some photos I took, and Gabe took a lot more! From the previews I saw, the set looks really good!

And Congratulations to Famapa and the arrival of her little man! I am so happy for her and her hubby!!






I want to rearrange our bedroom, but I am doing it in a scaled down paper model version first.

This is a good way to test things out without lifting a finger.

Our bedroom is in the basement, but I am hoping we can have a room above ground in the future!


How it went



cut once

measure twice

I wanted so badly to show a photo of our dresses today, but as hard as we worked on the weekend, we didn’t finish them. That is ok, because thanks to Yukiko, I think I have gotten over my fear of cutting into fabric! And, installing invisible zippers!

I think the part that took us the longest was understanding the pattern, and tracing the pattern onto our fabric. It was fun to trace with a friend though; we traced the pattern pieces together for both of our dresses. After we read through the instructions many many many times over, it felt like we were on the right track! I am hoping reading patterns will be easier and easier the more dresses we make.

Once I finish the dress, I will take a photo of it for you!

But for now, how cute is Yukiko’s cactus pin cushion??

Get it?

Cactus? Pins?



It has been the perfect fall weather this past week, and I am looking at the weather report now, it looks like next week will be too! Golden! Taking longer walks during lunch solved my sun deprivation problem. This year, fall has been really good to us.

What are you doing this weekend? I am off to a sleepover at
Yukiko's house tonight. When was the last time you were at a sleepover? Whenever I say that, I feel like a little girl again. But there will be no scary movies and painting nails at this sleepover, we are going to have a dress making party! Yukiko and I are going to make dresses together, because I am still not confident enough to cut into fabric without someone watching me!

Hopefully I will have something resembling a dress when I come back! Wish me luck!


it was you all along

new lights

in the evening

These are vintage office lights we bought many years ago, and they have been sitting in storage since. We weren't sure if it would be bright enough to light up our kitchen.

I walk by a school on my way to work everyday, and I took a peek into their windows. They have the exact same lights! I love the shape of the glass shade very much. I observed the space they were hanging in, and it is bigger than our kitchen. So, the only way to find out if it was bright enough, was to try it out.

Last week, my brother came by to help me install them, and Jin finished it off the next day. I tried installing it too, but I discovered that I am terrified of being on top of ladders! I have to get over that fear so that I can do this on my own! But our kitchen looks so different now, the light is so even and bright! It is amazing the great effect lighting has in a room! I am so glad we finally put these up.


the darkness


Who is that following me in the dark?

(it was Jin. *phew*)

As I mentioned before, it gets dark by the time I get home. But today, it was dark, even before I left for home. I am not used to this.

It was the most beautiful day outside today, but I only got to enjoy it in the dark. I enjoyed the smell of the leaves and the crunching sounds they make under our feet. The darkness couldn't take that away.

I haven't been taking too many photos because of the dark though. I shouldn't let it take that away from me.


hello november


frozen flower



I can already feel a november chill.
when I come home, it is dark.

snow should be coming this month, but first comes the frost.
Aren't the frost crystal formations beautiful?


dress up

the dragon

the princess and the dragon

the princess and the dragon

paper bag princess

For halloween, I was the paper bag princess, and Jin was the dragon.

We didn't plan this, but Jin and I made eachother's costumes! I had such a fun time making Jin's dragon! I got the instructions to make this costume
here. They have other really cute ideas on this site too! I will probably come back to get more ideas for future halloweens!

And Jin did an amazing job on making my paper dress! He torched it and wrinkled it and reinforced it with clear tape! He is VERY thorough! I wish I had a better photo of my dress to show you!

We went out dancing with friends until the wee hours of the night, and at the end, we were so hungry, we went to eat at McDonalds. I know this sounds disgusting, but McDonalds tastes amazing at five in the morning.

This year was one of the best halloweens I've had!