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the darkness


Who is that following me in the dark?

(it was Jin. *phew*)

As I mentioned before, it gets dark by the time I get home. But today, it was dark, even before I left for home. I am not used to this.

It was the most beautiful day outside today, but I only got to enjoy it in the dark. I enjoyed the smell of the leaves and the crunching sounds they make under our feet. The darkness couldn't take that away.

I haven't been taking too many photos because of the dark though. I shouldn't let it take that away from me.


  1. sigh i know what you mean. it seems like i can only take pictures over the weekend when there's time.
    i still think the pictures are awesome, despite being taken in the dark :)

  2. great images and lovely blog -- many cheers!

  3. I KNOW! I'm missing the sunlight so bad. I feel like I shouldn't even go anywhere after work, because after all, it's NIGHT.

  4. no don't let the dark stop you taking beautiful images and sharing them with us! it gets dark early here in london too.. and it's going to get darker as winter creeps in. it's nice to hibernate at home with the husband though all warm and cosy! x

  5. really a world away!
    where i am there is no such thing as a dark sky.

  6. Wow they turned out really great.. When I try in the dark it alwas ends up blurry and unsharp :-)

  7. Boehoe!!!!!!!!!!!!
    they are lovely.
    and sharp!