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oh oh oh!



Oh Henry!

When we were little, kids at school would call my brother 'Oh Henry' after the
candy bar. I am sure it bugged him a little bit at the time, as little children can be annoying about things like that. Now that we are all grown up, I don't think he minds it so much! I am glad we can have some fun with it now!

I still don't like being called "Celine Dion" though.

We went to the midway fair this evening, and I have some photos to show you next week!


drink drink

summer drink

drink drink


jin drinks

celine drinks


I saw Melinda and Chris yesterday, and they brought me some freshly squeezed grapefruit juice because they knew my throat was bothering me.

It came in a sweet mason jar, with a beautiful striped paper straw!

The drink was delicious, and the colour of it was the perfect shade of coral. Jin and I drank it all in one sitting, and my throat felt much better.

Thanks guys!



farmer's market

farmer's market

The bounty from the farmer's market.
My favourite time of year.

I can't believe it is Friday already. This week just flew by for me.
Only 2 more weeks left of summer.
It has been getting cool around here, I think I am ready for autumn.

I am in the mood for warm soups and stews, and canning preserves has been on my mind.

It has been such an amazing summer and I look forward to an amazing autumm.


sunday night

on the table

hi may!

gnocci anyone?


dig in

lil' baci

We went for Italian food in the east end on Sunday; my brother, May, Gabe, Jin and I.
Lots of pizza, pasta, gelato, tiramisu...
I love eating with people who love to eat, and boy do we all love to eat.

It was so fun to hang with everyone in a non-wedding environment (but working a wedding is just as fun with these guys!).

Lots of laughs and lots of love. This is how it should always be.


not so bare anymore.

on the wall



mea loves...

the wing

the galaxy

What a difference it makes to have sentiments hanging on your walls. It completes a room. We finally got around to hanging some things up in our study.

ORK poster of our Toronto town. I love how they crammed all our many tiny (and distinctive) neighbourhoods into this map. According to them, we live in the neighbourhood of Little Portugal.

I found these vintage Ontario pennant flags with
Rosalyn at the Textile Museum yardage sale! My favourite is the little Charlottetown flag (for the capital city of our smallest province in Canada).

We finally framed some of our wedding photos! Our beautiful wedding photos were taken by
Gabe, and my brother snapped the photo at the top of Jin and I at our wedding.

A golden wing, just because it is beautiful (approved by Mea).

And, the galaxy.

There are still a lot of unpainted walls in our house. I am planning to paint them in the fall/winter. I am already collecting a pile of things to complete those walls.


last month of summer

smile van

city sites


fish eye



brunch with friends,
city sights,
sun rays.

I can't believe it is august already!


bringing it home

a little bouquet

dried lavender

little pouches

We brought a box full of lavender home from our outing to the lavender farm. I took out my pile of scrap fabric to make small lavender pouches. I put the stems of the lavender in the pouch too, because the nice woman at the farm told me that the stems have a soft aroma as well.

I put a pouch under each of our pillows to help us have sweet dreams at night. I scattered the rest of the lavender pouches in our linen boxes, our dresser drawers, our closets, and my box of fabric, to keep any unwanted bugs away. And this way, our linens and clothes will always smell good!

this photo made me so happy today. Have a lovely weekend!


lots of lavendar

lavender farm

a field of lavender

a cottage


On one of our trips to the country, we visited a small lavender farm close to Cobourg.

They grow different varieties of lavender. Some are a greyish purple, and others are a deep deep purple. Each variety smell different too.

This adorable cottage sat on the farm property, I love it's shape. It looks like it came out of a fairy tale story.

Some of their lavendar is infused into ice cream and cheese. They were preparing for a festival for the following weekend, so ice cream and cheese was not available for us to try. I would have loved to taste it, especially the ice cream!

Maybe we can go back next year.