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It is beautiful up here

French River, Ontario

delicious picnic

picnicking by the river

French River, Ontario





We escaped the city this past weekend. This is really special for us as we rarely take weekend trips or leave the city. We stayed in a cabin up north and enjoyed the quiet surroundings. I think Eloise really enjoyed it too.

My favourite part was picnicking by the river, watching the sun set on the porch and just being at peace with my little family. I am always amazed at how beautiful Ontario is when you drive a few hours north. Next time, we want to stay longer.


the island


ferry ride

eloise's first boat ride

wards island

willow puffs

summer picnic



Toronto, I love you

June is a busy month for us with Father's Day and a few family birthdays including mine and Jin's in there as well. Gabe and May thought a picnic would be a low key, Eloise friendly activity to spend time together and to celebrate all these happy occasions the month of June contains for us. Plus, Gabe and May are the best when it comes to food and making sure we're well fed.

Last time, our big outing was to the beach and this time, we were a little more daring. We hopped on a ferry and went to the Toronto Islands for the picnic!

As we walked around to find the perfect spot to picnic, we noticed everything was covered in fluffy seeds from all the willow trees on the island. It was so beautiful. Gabe and May outdid themselves with the food! We ate under the puffs from the willow trees and our bellies were very full and happy.

After the lovely picnic, we walked around the small neighbourhood and dreamed of what life would be like on the island.

(happy birthday to my amazing Jinny, it is today! xo)


2 months


2 months old

2 months old

It is hard to wrap my head around the fact that only 2 months ago, she was still part of me and we didn't really know her yet.

Now I can't remember how life was before her (partially from sleep deprivation!) and I cannot believe how far we have come.

She has gotten bigger and sturdier and she is just starting to smile. The smiles are the best.


Start Them Young

Lego Camera!

sophie's Eloise

Time flies! Eloise is 8 weeks old, it is Friday already and I have been meaning to show this to you since last weekend!

My little friend Sophie showed me her present she got from her grandparents this past weekend and I thought it was the coolest. It is a little digital camera of her very own and I love that it is a Lego Camera! My brother and I played with Lego when we were kids, I know we would have loved this. I would totally get something like this for Eloise when she is older, I wonder if she will like taking photos as well?

The second photo is Eloise on Jin's lap, taken by Sophie on her Lego Camera.