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ferry ride

eloise's first boat ride

wards island

willow puffs

summer picnic



Toronto, I love you

June is a busy month for us with Father's Day and a few family birthdays including mine and Jin's in there as well. Gabe and May thought a picnic would be a low key, Eloise friendly activity to spend time together and to celebrate all these happy occasions the month of June contains for us. Plus, Gabe and May are the best when it comes to food and making sure we're well fed.

Last time, our big outing was to the beach and this time, we were a little more daring. We hopped on a ferry and went to the Toronto Islands for the picnic!

As we walked around to find the perfect spot to picnic, we noticed everything was covered in fluffy seeds from all the willow trees on the island. It was so beautiful. Gabe and May outdid themselves with the food! We ate under the puffs from the willow trees and our bellies were very full and happy.

After the lovely picnic, we walked around the small neighbourhood and dreamed of what life would be like on the island.

(happy birthday to my amazing Jinny, it is today! xo)


  1. Happy birthday Jin! Happy soon-to-be birthday Celine! These are beautiful! What a great day. (Gabe & May are the sweetest!). We'll plan something as soon as we get back! xoxox

  2. Looks like it was a perfect day! Such lovely photos, and the picnic looked delicious!

  3. Happy birthday Jin!

    Those pictures look wonderful, as does the food!

  4. Never knew Toronto had such cute islands in its midst!! :D

    Amazing photos as always and jeez you are a master at story telling. So sweet and endearing to the max! <3

  5. Happy birthday, Jin!

    I also didn't know that Toronto had islands. Nice!

    Looks like a lovely time.

  6. Happy Birthday and Belated Father's Day to Jin!!

    What a nice picnic you all had on the island!

    Yes, can we all get together when M gets back from Iceland?! ;D


  7. Good to see that you are getting out more Celine, these are beautiful!

  8. hurray! great photos.. and fun times with our favourites =]

  9. That island is beyond dreamy. Your family and photos are so lovely. And happy birthday Jin!

  10. You captured the island perfectly. I love those fluffs! They are Toronto summer. And that skyline pic is not one I've seen before.

    Happy birthday to Jin, and when is yours?!?!?!?!?!

  11. happy birthday jin! happy birthday celine! :) hope you had some cake while you were there (and what better place to celebrate, than the island?!)...

  12. WOW your picnic looks amazingly delicious!

    I love Toronto Island! I'm hoping to go visit sometime soon. I was there at the end of September. It's so beautiful.

    Lovely photos!

  13. I love that picture of toronto skyline at the end! Makes me miss my hometown!

  14. Celine, that salad looks delish! What was in it?