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I was happy-clicking on Sunday. I was in a great mood to shoot some photos! I love those days!

I went to the Hunt & Gather Show at the workroom with May, Gabe, and Jin. As always, I had a great time seeing everyone there! We bought some bowties for Jin and I from Reva, and I scored some amazing embroidery hoops from Anabela & Geoff! Nikki (whom I have not seen in YEARS!) and her boyfriend had the coolest tattoos I have ever seen!

After, we went to eat brunch at Oddfellows and ordered some fun juices and coffee (Jin drank the coffee, I just smelled it!). I usually do not order pancakes (I prefer french toast), but their pancakes were the best I have ever had. So moist and fluffy,....I hope you can try it one day.

Today, I feel a little under the weather. My head is foggy, and I have to work fast fast fast for this deadline at work! Wish me luck.


I still got brunch!

no socks

@ swan

I still got to do something weekend-like on my saturday of work. I met Jin for brunch on my lunch hour. We went to Swan, a favourite spot, and very close to my office (lucky me!). I love their orange tables. It was a beautiful day, everyone was out-and-about, enjoying the spring weather we all have been waiting for! It was a no socks kind of day. Finally.


I guess...everyone has to do it.


plam samples


I have been so busy at work for the past month, and it looks like it will continue to be like this for another month. Picking out tiles and making pretty drawings are only a small fraction of what I am doing. I am mostly a CAD monkey all day. Not only do I have to work late nights, but I have to work on the weekends. I avoid working on the weekend like the plague, but everyone has to do it sometime, especially for those of you who work for yourself. Thankfully, I managed to get Sunday off, so my Friday is tomorrow.

My friend,BT, makes my days at the office a little better by sending me a funny video a day for a little break. I call it, my "BT funny break".

These are some videos he sent me so far.

- 1 -
- 2 -
- 3 -
- 4 -

That is what friends are for.

I hope you all have a very very lovely weekend!


A little collection : Inspirations for patchwork

auburn edu

Gee's Bend Quilt Exhibition via elizabeth


2008 Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival via Karyn

rie elise larsen

Rie Elise Larson

vanilla bug

"sugar" by Vanilla Bug via Joanna


Fun Makes Good via Design*Sponge

tiles famapa

"tiles tiles tiles" by famapa

Gathering ideas for my future quilts to come.

Gee's Bend Quilt Exhibition blew me away with patchwork forms I have never come across before!

I love the prominent quilted stitches from the quilt in the 2008 Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival, and quilts by Rie Elise Larson

gathering inspirations from objects and art like "sugar", Fun Makes Good, and "tiles tiles tiles"!!


The Connor Quilt

the connor quilt

playing with paris

wedding flags

After our wedding, I had a lot of red and blue scrap fabric, and I thought the best way to use them up would be to learn how to do some patchwork, and some quilting. So, I took the
presto nine patch class at the workroom with Nav.

This was the first quilt I made outside of class, so I didn't spend any time on design. I wanted to try making one on my own, and seeing what problems I would run into. I saw
Sharilyn's amazing quilt for her daughter, and I knew I wanted to try it. And, it was red and blue! I liked how she arranged her squares very much.

For my quilt, all the red and blue squares were recycled from our wedding. Nearly 4 months later, I finally finished it. All I have left to do is wash it, and give it to baby Connor, the son of the best man at our wedding.

I still have a lot of scraps left over, and that will be made into a quilt for Jin and I, and it will be our wedding quilt. But before I do that, I promised my friend Pandora a little quilt. I am already looking for inspirations on a design!


A message from Mojo

easter eggs

mojo with eggs

mojo tapping eggs

happy easter!

Mojo would like to show you his new friend, a silver bunny with big perky ears, and a tiny body. He also wanted to show you these things he just discovered this morning. Eggs!
(Actually, this little bunny was given to me by my brother's girlfriend, Catie. Thanks Catie!)
Mojo also wishes you a Happy Easter!


at least it is warm in here


what is it's name?


string of hearts

I don't know how it is where you are in the world, but it has been snowing here in Toronto this week. Not a lot, but there it is still cold enough to snow! I envy seeing pictures of flowers springing up, but I know it will come soon, because the weather has already been getting a little bit better.

My indoor plants know that it is spring, look at them go!

I would love a brass mister, or even a stainless steel one, but I cannot find one locally, and this store only ships within USA. Oh well, I will keep my eyes open.

Go check
the weather in your part of the world at this adorable adorable site. Via Chrrristine. Thank you!




in the shadow




Hugging Mea

You know when you go out to run some errands, and you have a schedule to follow for the day? But then you stumble onto something unexpectedly wonderful, and it changes the entire objective of your day. This was one of those days. A new door with stairs leading up to a space above Magic Pony was open, and we have never seen it open before. We went up, and we found a lovely place with lovely things. And a nice man by the name of Michael Baumgart was there and he showed us around. The space featured wonderful works by him, and his partner Julie Jenkinson. It also showcased some design-y things, made by famous people whose names I do not remember, and others are just old, and treasured.

Then we went home, and Mea came to greet us at the door