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A little collection : Inspirations for patchwork

auburn edu

Gee's Bend Quilt Exhibition via elizabeth


2008 Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival via Karyn

rie elise larsen

Rie Elise Larson

vanilla bug

"sugar" by Vanilla Bug via Joanna


Fun Makes Good via Design*Sponge

tiles famapa

"tiles tiles tiles" by famapa

Gathering ideas for my future quilts to come.

Gee's Bend Quilt Exhibition blew me away with patchwork forms I have never come across before!

I love the prominent quilted stitches from the quilt in the 2008 Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival, and quilts by Rie Elise Larson

gathering inspirations from objects and art like "sugar", Fun Makes Good, and "tiles tiles tiles"!!


  1. Oh, those purples with the orange thread is just divine.

  2. I adore all the quilts in a stack from the Tokyo Intl. Quilt Fest! It's so fun to look around at all the options for sure.

  3. oh, man. my mom should look at this. she's been into quilting lately, but her creation isn't quite as colorful or fun as these...

  4. wowwwwwie! these are all beautiful!!!! i think i'll HAVE to live in japan sometime in my life...