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The Connor Quilt

the connor quilt

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After our wedding, I had a lot of red and blue scrap fabric, and I thought the best way to use them up would be to learn how to do some patchwork, and some quilting. So, I took the
presto nine patch class at the workroom with Nav.

This was the first quilt I made outside of class, so I didn't spend any time on design. I wanted to try making one on my own, and seeing what problems I would run into. I saw
Sharilyn's amazing quilt for her daughter, and I knew I wanted to try it. And, it was red and blue! I liked how she arranged her squares very much.

For my quilt, all the red and blue squares were recycled from our wedding. Nearly 4 months later, I finally finished it. All I have left to do is wash it, and give it to baby Connor, the son of the best man at our wedding.

I still have a lot of scraps left over, and that will be made into a quilt for Jin and I, and it will be our wedding quilt. But before I do that, I promised my friend Pandora a little quilt. I am already looking for inspirations on a design!


  1. oh celine, the quilt is lovely, what a nice way to have your wedding day included in the baby's quilt and your lives... lovely image of the wedding, too!

  2. What a beautiful quilt... and a great wedding too! lovely photos!

  3. yahoo! the quilt looks amazing, if i haven't told you that already. you are a pro-quilter already. can't wait to see what you do with the next one.

  4. The quilt is wonderful! It's inspiring to see your projects.

  5. thank you so much everyone! your lovely comments really mean so much to me! It really makes motivated to start the next project!
    Karyn, I am hardly a pro-quilter!! you are making me blush! Thank you so much for all your help and support!

  6. your.quilt.looks.amazing.celine!

    fun observation:
    when in you life would you ever imagine being called a "pro-quilter" would ever make you blush?! haha.

  7. I love your blog...I have that you wish you could speak french...I could teach you some words everyday!!

  8. thank you Eldon! you're such a punk! but you're right, I never thought I would ever be interested in quilting! And look at me now!

    thank you lovely Nikole~!

    Kat'àstrophes! Thank you for coming by and saying hello! I would love to learn some new french words everyday from you! Let's do it! you are so kind!

  9. I love your blog!! This plaid is lovely...