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Bath Time

hey there good lookin'

bath time

bath time

bath time

We look at the simplest tasks with new eyes now that Eloise is in our lives. A bath is not just a bath with her, but another chance for us to watch how she reacts to new sensations. Jinny is the expert at giving her a bath and I watch her adoringly on the side.

So far, she loves it every time.


A Weekend Outing

sugar beach


crabby bum

at the beach

the sweetest

We have been making baby steps to take longer trips outside of the house. Outings are important for all of our sanity (especially for Eloise and I, since daddy gets to leave the house for work). Since this past weekend was a long weekend, we went for an extra long outing. We went to Sugar Beach for an afternoon, the adorable man made beach with pink umbrellas on the waterfront.

I love how stranger's faces light up when they catch a glimpse of Eloise and someone always asks us how old she is expecting the answer to be days old, but surprised to hear that she is more than a month already! Time is flying by so fast!

Is it just me, or are babies the only ones who can pull off a giant crab on their bums?


one month

daddy's girl

little Eloise

love you Eloise

This past weekend, our little Eloise turned 1 month old!

We have learned so much about her in such a short time. We know she hates having her diaper changed but she loves taking a bath. She likes to take her time when she eats and usually she falls asleep in the middle of feeding. She makes the cutest faces when she stretches after eating, I wish I could capture it on camera (but then I would need 4 hands!)

She is still quite small and you can sort of get the sense of her size scaled next to Jin. We just came back from the midwives today and they told us she is growing well which makes us proud (and relieved) parents! The best advice we got from other parents was to do whatever you can to survive the first month....and we did it!

Now lets go to the park Eloise!

I hope moms had a lovely Mothers Day yesterday! We spent the entire day with my family and it was so sweet to see my mom bonding with Eloise! Happy belated Mothers Day!


A Wedding Book

in print

M+C book

M+C book

I snapped a few shots of Melinda & Chris' wedding book before I delivered it to them a few weeks ago (prior to Eloise's arrival which seems like a whole other lifetime ago!) and I am so happy with how it turned out! I made the book through IRIS book and I am genuinely impressed with the quality of the images in print, the professional binding, and the beautiful silk cover with their names pressed on the front.

I was so excited to deliver the final product to them, the book is so elegant and there is something so wonderful about seeing your wedding photos away from the screen and in a book.

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