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Happy Meal

grapefruit vodka soda

crazy menu

another raw egg

yum nom nom

playin with our food

The hostess said our table will be ready in one hour, and we all looked at each other and shrugged. Not bad. We were warned beforehand about the wait times at Guu.

Guu is the new Japanese izakaya everyone is talking about. If you live in Vancouver, surely you have been to this chain already (there is something like, 5 in Vancouver), but this is the first one that opened in Toronto-town.

We went with our favourite people to try new food with,
Gabe, May and William. Izakayas are Japanese drinking establishments that serve small dishes to go with drinks, but we went for solely for the food! Of course, we had drinks too! When our table was ready, we walked inside the restaurant and were greeted by the staff (and some customers at their tables!) in Japanese! It was happy, loud, and in unison!

They do this when a party arrives and leaves, so there was a lot of loud shouts and waving of hands during our meal. It was very interactive! The other fun part was the amount of dishes we ordered! I think we had 16 dishes, and 3 desserts! Mmmm!

I didn't take any good pictures of the food, but I did catch the boys playing with shrimp heads! Guu just made us act silly! It was such a happy meal!
Juli and John took some great pictures of their meal at Guu! Go see (they have good photos of the actual food!)!

p.s. I know I am flooding this blog with photos of raw eggs! I don't mean to, but that yellow yolk draws my eyes in. Also, I think I eat too many eggs.



jam and toast


This is my eating schedule when I work around the house.

I get out of bed and eat a BIG bowl of cereal with vanilla soy milk.

I work the whole day without another meal, but I grab a snack when I feel hungry. Sometimes big, sometimes small. Instant noodles with an egg makes a great ‘snack’!

At the end of the day, I reward Jin and myself with a big, hearty dinner.

Jin and I started painting/priming some rooms this weekend, and we will continue to do so for a couple of weekends to come. We have a lot of surface to cover, I enjoy painting so far!

Jinny is not too fond of this new eating schedule I have made for myself. He misses lunch :(


memory, triggered

medicine bottle



I love this bottle so much. It looks so medicinal. I love its shape, and the raised Chinese characters on the bottle. It looks like it belongs in a store that concocts herbal medicine that taste really bad, but are really good for you.

My mom gave this to me because I told her that my neck has been bothering me lately. It helps relieve tense muscles, and it has a very strong aroma. Once I smelled it, it instantly reminded me of my grandmum.

This is odd, because I haven’t seen her for nearly 16 years. Just smelling it brought back a memory from so long ago, and I can see this memory with such clarity now. It is amazing how a scent can bring you back somewhere you thought you had forgotten.

Jin and I hope to go back to the places we were both born to visit our families. Hong Kong, and Korea. I am excited to see my grandparents again.


cat bath

cat bath

tiny cat


hello princess


this is our other cat.


She is the beautiful one, so she may be embarassed if she knew that I am showing you photos of her after her bath. If you meet her, don't mention this post to her!

Of course, she hated the bath, and we needed 4 hands to keep her from jumping out of the tub! Living through renovations, both Mea and Mojo became so dusty and dirty, I almost didn't want to pet them (but how could I not, right?). Renovations are still going on, but I thought it was time for a cleaning.

Through all that 'torture', I think she does like how clean she is afterwards.

oh Mea, our little princess! We love you.


baby spoons

baby spoons

bunny spoon

bunny bum

Yukiko gave Jin and I these adorable little spoons as housewarming gifts when she came over to visit us a couple weeks ago. They are designed with baby animal decals on the end of the spoon to give some extra grip for children's tiny hands.

The front is the baby animal, and the back is their bums! baby bums!

We are not expecting children anytime soon, so we use them for our tea for now. But when Jin and I start a family, you can be certain to find one of these precious spoons in our baby bag at all times!

Yukiko always gives us really good housewarming gifts whenever we move into a new place! It is not expected, but she is always so generous! Thank you Yukiko! I miss you by the way. Come visit again!

She got the baby spoons

And, don't you just love
these baby spoons too?


searching for sunshine

last 2 bites

sweet sweet oranges

crossing the road

In my last post, I boasted about sunny skies, and spring-like weather. But this past weekend was not quite as pleasant (weather wise). It was dark and rainy, and the wind was coming from all directions. It got cold, the kind of cold the seeps into your bones.

I still had a great weekend though, with bright moments.

Jin and I had brunch with
Rosalyn yesterday (runny eggs make me so happy, and brunch!)

We found some delicious oranges this weekend, and went to go buy more.

And Rosalyn had the happiest rain boots on.

Also, Jin found
this funny video that I cannot stop watching. It will make you smile.

p.s. thank you for all your great salad suggestions! I don't care if it is cold out today, I am going to have a salad tonight!


Caught! Red handed!



a red hand

I am always amazed at the amount of colour beets give off! It is such a beautiful colour! And beets are so tasty too.

It has been so sunny in the city this week, it makes me want to make salads instead of making my weekly winter soups and stews. I am making a delicious beet and artichoke salad here. I wish I had this for lunch today!

In anticipation of spring, I need more salad ideas. What is your favourite salad you like to make?

(These pictures are taken by Jinny! Thanks honey!)


like a doily

like a doily

Rosalyn's sister is going to Haiti to help with the aftermath of the terrible earthquake. She had this great idea to run a mini-fundraiser by selling handmade brooches to raise some funds for her cause.

This one is the brooch I chose.

I believe the mini-fundraiser is already finished, and Roz sent the funds over yesterday. But I still wanted to show you this delicate piece. It is so pretty, I really love it.

Thank you Roz! And all the best to your sister. What she is doing is so generous.

The first photo was taken by either
Rosalyn or Karyn at the store (I don't remember!)! I asked them to help me take it! Thanks ladies! I am not used to being in front of the camera!


It wasn’t me



it wasn't me!

Jin: Mojo, did you eat Mea’s food again?

Mojo: not me! I swear!

This boy right here, will let us do anything to him.

We can poke his forehead for a minute, and he wouldn’t mind.

We can do things to take a funny photo of him, like
put a bag on his head, or tape. He still has his pink ribbon on his collar.

I am not sure why he looks so terrified in the last photo! We put him on the floor right after.

Mea, our girl cat, would swat our face if we handled her the way we handle Mojo. But it is ok, for she is a


Welcome spring!

packaged by Melinda

handsome mr. fox

Dre, you are so pretty

The weather has been wonderful in the city since March arrived! Hopefully spring is here to stay! We got 2 prints, illustrated by the incredibly sweet and talented
Melinda Josie, to welcome spring into our home!

The first one is of a handsome Mr. Fox, playing in a clover field. Clover is my favourite, their petals are heart shaped! I have never found a four leaf clover yet, have you?

The other is
Dre, at a springtime tea party! Melinda told Jin and I that you know it is Dre, because of his pointy head (yes, Dre is a boy! How cute!).

I love our new pieces of art, and I cannot wait to find a perfect frame for them and hang them on our very blank walls.
Rosalyn got the same prints, and I picked hers up for her. I cannot wait to deliver these beauties to her tonight, I know she will squeal!

I am excited to see what Melinda's next print will be! Check her
blog, and her store for her current and upcoming prints!

p.s. I like the way she wrote our names! Such attention to detail!


our weekend find

green pepper

a pepper


A dutch oven in the shape of a pepper.
A green pepper!

We found this Le Creuset pot this weekend for such a great deal, we couldn't pass it up. It is so cute, I just had to show you!

Also, it makes me giggle at the stove when I use it. I made pasta sauce in it, and served it in the pepper too. I was giggling throughout our dinner. Just ask Jin.

The inside is also shaped like the pepper, and I love how they shaped the handle at the top!


The olympics are over, and Canada won gold for hockey!!! People were so happy, they were hugging in intersections!

How cute is that?

Yaaay Canada!