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jam and toast


This is my eating schedule when I work around the house.

I get out of bed and eat a BIG bowl of cereal with vanilla soy milk.

I work the whole day without another meal, but I grab a snack when I feel hungry. Sometimes big, sometimes small. Instant noodles with an egg makes a great ‘snack’!

At the end of the day, I reward Jin and myself with a big, hearty dinner.

Jin and I started painting/priming some rooms this weekend, and we will continue to do so for a couple of weekends to come. We have a lot of surface to cover, I enjoy painting so far!

Jinny is not too fond of this new eating schedule I have made for myself. He misses lunch :(


  1. oh really, a uncooked egg? i never tried ...

  2. rike! sorry! that is misleading.
    I poured hot water on top after, waited for 2 minutes, and ate it. The raw egg gets half cooked this way. yummy!

  3. ok, that's different ... and something i'll try ;)

  4. mmh, looks and sounds yummy.
    it must be so great to invest all the work
    in something that belongs to you
    and see how it becomes nicer and nicer all the time.
    I hope you'll show us some more pictures soon.
    oh, and did I say already how much I like your new
    blog layout?

  5. I love these photos. particularly the second one for some reason! beautiful!

  6. Lovely pictures. I've never had instant noodles with an egg before... It looks good though. I'll definitely have to try that soon.

  7. I love this pictures, especially the first one: the light is great!
    Will we see a photo of the hearty dinner?

  8. darn it. you just made me hungry and dinner is a couple of hours away! time for another snack maybe?

  9. This looks super good...Yum to the noodles and egg!

  10. what kind of instant noodles do you use?

  11. ohhh, i love those kind of instant noodles. i've never tried it with an egg like that... but i take that it's good?

  12. haha you're hilarious.

    love your blog.

  13. christine! I will admit, I am always scared to do work on the house. Especially on my own. I always have doubts. Maybe one day I will post some photos of my actual house! When I mustre up the courage! And thanks about my blog layout!!

    la vie nouveau! thank you!

    Brit! If you drop an egg in the soup, and let it cook slightly, it is really yummy!

    Elizabelle! It was so dark when I finished making the dinner, but that night, we had "breakfast for dinner" I made sausages and omlettes!

    famapa! definitely time for a snack!

    alexandria! god, I love eggs!

    Anon, my husband brought back these japanese instant noodles that come in a disc, and u just pour hot water on them. They are new to me! Sorry, I don't know what they were called!

    rachel! It was really really yummy!

    Amanda! haha! thanks!

  14. omg i make the same chicken ramen!!
    the orange package with the little yellow chick! me and my sister love that brand!!