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sunday art

red clouds





paper airplanes

It was pretty cold this weekend, but we managed to get out a little bit to see some art.
We went to Come Up To My Room with Gabe and May, and these are some of the amazing things we saw.

We bumped into a lot of familiar faces (Charlyn was one of them!), it is nice to know that the cold doesn't stop people from enjoying the city!


Holly did a little interview on me recently. Thanks for having me Holly!


through the glass

through the glass

vintage shoes

on the street



I walk by store windows everyday and I always peer inside to see if there is anything new. Something pretty and shiny always catches my eye, making it hard to resist the temptation to buy it.

Looking through the glass, I always catch my reflection in the window. Sarah Rhoads wrote a post on self portraits last year that has made me think of pictures of myself in a different light. She pointed out that artists of all mediums have always created self portraits, not out of vanity, but to find a better grasp on their identities.

This might be something I will consciously try this year, maybe I will find something about myself that I never knew before.



happy jade




Nikole left something at my house the other day and today was a perfect day for her to get it. Why not get it over some lunch I said?

We met at swan, they always have great food. It was so nice to see her on a whim that I thought, maybe she should leave more things at my house so that we can make excuses to have little lunches like this more often.

That would be nice.


surprisingly colourful


neon lines




When the sun isn't shining, it allows for other things to shine.

I love neon lights, they look amazing at night.

I still look forward to longer days ahead, but in the meantime, my eyes look to the bright and colourful at night.


I joined twitter! Ha! finally!

And thank you for all the celebratory congratulations on my little blog turning 2! Time really does fly when you are having fun! Thank you for sharing that fun with me!


In the night





It is still cold and dark out there, so we have been staying inside with friends (where it is cozy).

Things have been a little busy here, I just realized that this blog turns 2 today! Wow!

To all the friends I have made here, thank you so much for an amazing 2 years.

Keep warm!


the weekend

eggs in ham cups

Eggs in ham cups. This might just be a new weekend favourite.


Happy weekend, friends!


social letter writing



letter writing

PAL-SAC stationary


Naco Gallery Cafe

Sometimes, I do manage to get out of the house on cold days. Cold nights even.

Monday night was very cold, but it didn't stop Jaime and I from going to a letter-writing social activity club (PAL-SAC)! I used to write a lot of letters to my friends, but it has been hard to find the time to do it these days. When Jaime mentioned this event, I knew I wanted to go!

It was held at the adorable Naco Gallery Cafe, and they still had their Christmas decorations up (which I loved, because I am a little sad the the holidays are over). I managed to write one letter to my good friend in Norway, and then Jaime and I just chatted the night away.

The next one is on January 24th, and you can pay-what-you-can for really adorable stationary. Writing on good stationary is half the fun of writing letters!


Some of you asked how to make Chai tea from scratch, and Melinda posted a good recipe here!

It is so good!


a cozy drink

spices, for tea

tea time

chai tea

We woke up to a winter wonderland. Snow finally came to Toronto and it was beautiful outside. I had every intention on going out to enjoy it, but laziness came over me.

Instead, we stayed in our pyjamas, I made us a huge pot of chai, and kept warm inside.
Maybe I will venture outside tomorrow.

(lovely wooden spoons are from herriott grace)


that was yesterday, this is today



the almanac

I am really excited for this year for a lot of reasons, but particularly for photography. The year has just started and I feel extremely fortunate (and so excited!) to have some really interesting projects on the horizon!

I am not sure if it is like this all over Canada, but I feel like the weather in Ontario is ever changing. I could walk outside in the morning and it is bright, calm and warm, and come back in the evening cold and drenched from horizontal rain (my least favourite kind of rain). I am going to be depending on the weather more and more, and this is what I use to anticipate it a bit better. The Farmer’s Almanac! It predicts the weather by chunks of 4 to 5 days through the entire year based on where you are located.

I don’t use it too often because I am aware that it is not 100% accurate, but this is what we used to determine the date for our wedding (because I really wanted an outdoor wedding) and for some other important events, and it hasn’t failed me yet! I will be sure to check the almanac with the outdoor weddings I have this year, just for my own interest.

I know it can be risky to plan an outdoor wedding in Ontario, I suggest any future brides to give this a try (or anyone planning anything outdoors!).

Thank you everyone for your sweet words and kind e-mails for New Years. 2011 is starting off really sweet because of you!