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the almanac

I am really excited for this year for a lot of reasons, but particularly for photography. The year has just started and I feel extremely fortunate (and so excited!) to have some really interesting projects on the horizon!

I am not sure if it is like this all over Canada, but I feel like the weather in Ontario is ever changing. I could walk outside in the morning and it is bright, calm and warm, and come back in the evening cold and drenched from horizontal rain (my least favourite kind of rain). I am going to be depending on the weather more and more, and this is what I use to anticipate it a bit better. The Farmer’s Almanac! It predicts the weather by chunks of 4 to 5 days through the entire year based on where you are located.

I don’t use it too often because I am aware that it is not 100% accurate, but this is what we used to determine the date for our wedding (because I really wanted an outdoor wedding) and for some other important events, and it hasn’t failed me yet! I will be sure to check the almanac with the outdoor weddings I have this year, just for my own interest.

I know it can be risky to plan an outdoor wedding in Ontario, I suggest any future brides to give this a try (or anyone planning anything outdoors!).

Thank you everyone for your sweet words and kind e-mails for New Years. 2011 is starting off really sweet because of you!


  1. wow Celine! They're the exact same (except for the colours) photos! How did you do that??

    I saw the Farmer's Almanac in Chapters, and was attempted to buy it just for curiosity reasons. How do farmers predict weathers? It's like magic!!
    : D

  2. May, I took one photo yesterday when it was sunny, and the other one today when the snow came down! If I could post process like this, I'd have mad skillz! I'd be a painter!

  3. Your town looks wonderful in sun and in snow.

  4. Even if not accurate, it looks really nice :)
    Have a good week end!

  5. Amazing! Do you want to check my wedding date? I know it's not outdoors, but we can still anticipate where to take photos!

  6. whether is tricky business. but hey, if it rains it rains. as my dad always says; a little rain never killed anyone.
    all the best for your projects this year. look forward to reading about them!

  7. My mom swears by the almanac. I think you can reference it online, too. She's also got a ton of little folklore type hints and tricks to predicting weather. I don't know if it works in Ontario, but despite what they say about Alberta weather being unpredicatable, (based on mom's tricks) it almost always tells you in advance what it's going to do later (and sometimes much later).

  8. i should really fork over money for a canadian farmer's almanac as well! could be a good investment...

  9. the weather is DEFINITELY like that in newfoundland! but it always is - we have all four seasons in one day more often than you might think haha

  10. happy new year. i love these pics.

  11. Both are beautiful pictures! :)

  12. Oh, Trinity Bellwoods. I'd take it in either!