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magic in the night

in the snow

sparkly jin


in the snow


lula lounge

a midnight walk

Even though it was already midnight, Jinny managed to get me to strap on my boots to go for a walk with him on Saturday night.

It was calm, warm, and snowing in big fluffy chunks.

In other words, it was magical.

Jinny always knows what’s best, I am so glad that he convinced me to go for that walk.


to keep us going




purple drinks

I was working on a little project with Nikole and I don't know about you, but when I am hard at work, I get really hungry. Snacking is a must.

A snack Nikole put together on the fly. Rice cakes with cheese melted on top. Yum.
And we had purple smoothies a little later.

Can't wait to show you what we worked on. I am quite happy with the results.


sweet girl

sweet girl


Watch out Mea! There is someone behind you!

Mea loves sitting in that ratty old box, and Mojo always claims his spot on the bed.

I can never get the two of them in the same picture, but this is pretty close.


A day in Hamilton

a sunny place to sit

yellow blooms

hamilton farmer's market

the cookie stand

reading in the library

colour coordinated

our lovely hosts

for valentines day?

Last Saturday, Karyn, Andrew, Rosalyn, Jin and I packed ourselves in our cars and drove to Hamilton for some homemade brunch goodness at Jen & Kyle's. It was pure deliciousness! Karyn snapped some shots from our fantastic brunch here, and you can see snippets of their super charming home too!

Jin & I got a little tour of Hamilton and I was really impressed with James St. and all the beautiful old buildings that have retained so much of their character.

We spent a lot of time in the newly renovated farmer's market and library because it was so beautiful inside! We were already really full from the amazing brunch, but we had to get some cookies from the cookie stall that had every cookie ever invented.

We met Hollie from White Elephant Vintage while at the market, but we didn't make it to their store that day. I was a little sad, but I know we will be back when it gets a little warmer.

Thanks for an amazing day Jen & Kyle!


showered with hearts

heart blossoms

heart shower

These heart sightings made me giddy today!
Hope you had a lovely Valentines Day.

1.heart blossoms in Trinity Bellwoods Park 2.heart shower in Rosalyn's home


trunk show goods

mea in a meow tote

bookhou birdy pin

send more mail

hello postcards

The Love and Rummage 3 Trunk Show happened last Sunday at The Workroom and these are the wonderful things I brought home.

Mini Meow tote with art by Sonja Ahlers from Fieldguided
Birdy heart pin by Bookhou
Vintage stamps from Send More Mail
Hello postcards from DEADWEIGHT

I also got some flowers from Coriander Girl that I gave to Jin's mom after the show! They were beautiful!

I took some photos at the Trunk Show for Toronto Craft Alert. Go see them here!


Jamie Lawson

celine kim photography


two stacks

'here is my card'

It has been an exciting past couple of days! The response to the launch of the site has just been incredible! Thank you so much for your visits, tweets and repostings of the site! The support and love from you is making my heart pitter patter.

Thank you for all the wonderful compliments on my new logo, I really love it too! Good typography is something I admire, but designing a logo I would be happy with is beyond my limits. I knew I had to leave that portion to a professional. Jen Hsieh introduced me to Jamie Lawson, who is an extremely talented artist, and does wonders with logos! He was amazing to work with, check out the different versions he made for my logo, here.

When I first showed my new logo to some friends a couple of months ago, the first thing they said was “It is very Celine”, and I loved the sound of that. I am not quite sure what “very Celine” means, but I can only conclude that Jamie managed to capture me in typography, perfectly.

I was really excited get my new logo on business cards. I will keep a few in my wallet at all times and I will have to practice saying “here, take my card!”.

Sam at Paper Ideas helped me get my cards printed on linen paper and raised ink. I love it!


Celine does weddings!

my website

I have been working towards a website for a couple of months, and the day has finally come that I can finally show it to you! With the help and hard work of a lot of incredibly talented people, I am proud to announce the launch of my wedding photography website!

I couldn't have done this without my talented web designer and good friend, Elaine Stam! It was so nice to work with someone who understood what I wanted and was able to execute it! When it comes to building a website, I have almost no understanding of the mechanics behind it. Thank you so much Elaine! You taught me a lot, and you are a dream to work with!

I am really pleased with the results, I hope you are too!

There may be a few small glitches here and there as we are still troubleshooting it. I know for sure that it works well on Firefox and Chrome browsers! Thank you!


special delivery

from jaime!

ghost letter

pretty envelope

lined envelope

M+C wedding invitation!

Some goodies arrived in my mailbox.

A really sweet typewritten letter from Jaime that she typed on delicate pink tissue paper. It looks like a ghost letter in my hands.

I am excited to see Jaime's trunk, and the other amazing vendors at the workroom's Love & Rummage Show this Sunday!

We received Chris & Melinda's beautiful wedding invitation in the mail! They pressed it in Tanya's letterpress studio and they are full of sweet details! Melinda hand lettered everybody's address on the envelope and lined it with floral paper that compliment the invitations perfectly! I will be photographing their wedding this spring and I am so happy that Jinny will be part of their wedding too!

I have been getting a lot of wonderful emails from you in my mailbox lately too! Thank you for stopping by to say hello on the blog, and through email! I have been working on a couple of things over the last couple of months and I am excited to be able to finally show you next week!

But this week, I started a page on facebook! Thank you for everyone who has already 'liked' it. Your support means everything to me.

I am going to be celebrating the Lunar New Year with my family this weekend. Happy weekend, and year of the Rabbit to everyone!