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trunk show goods

mea in a meow tote

bookhou birdy pin

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hello postcards

The Love and Rummage 3 Trunk Show happened last Sunday at The Workroom and these are the wonderful things I brought home.

Mini Meow tote with art by Sonja Ahlers from Fieldguided
Birdy heart pin by Bookhou
Vintage stamps from Send More Mail
Hello postcards from DEADWEIGHT

I also got some flowers from Coriander Girl that I gave to Jin's mom after the show! They were beautiful!

I took some photos at the Trunk Show for Toronto Craft Alert. Go see them here!


  1. Wow what lovely beautiful and creative. Love your blog by the way.

    Laura x

  2. CELINE!!!! Best picture of all time! I just love it!

    It was so nice to have you at the show almost all day! x

  3. I love that tote!! First photo tickled me to death^^

  4. the first thing that came to my mind seeing that first picture was: don't let the cat out of the bag. but i'm also hoping that the cat is actually inside the bag? because that would be perfect! (this comment is getting weird? i just love cats so much.) i love the bag, i'd love to get one of my own. and i love everything else you picked out! those postcards are so cute.

  5. Errrr... i can't decide which picture I like the most!

  6. i think i am repeating myself but i love the light so much in your photos!!!!

  7. great selection! I love those stamps!

  8. ha, look at mia and jin!

  9. Such great items to walk away with!

  10. Awww, I missed it cause I had plans...booo...
    I am still for sure getting one of Anabela's totes, I say!!!

    Kisses to Mea! :**

  11. I love the picture of mia in anabela's bag
    what a sweet kittie
    I hope you had a beautiful valentines

  12. A cat in a cat themed bag = purrfect! I got a whole bunch of Jaime's stamps too, and I'm really looking forward to decorating envelopes with them! So good.

  13. everything in this blog is absolutely incredible and nice!