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We drove out to the country a few times this summer to discover that Ontario is really beautiful.

I am sure my parents took us on road trips similar to these when my brother and I were little, but I didn’t appreciate it then.

There is so much more to discover, I am happy it is not too far away.


mini putt

a mini putt engagement

a mini putt engagement

a mini putt engagement

a mini putt engagement

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a mini putt engagement

A couple of weeks ago, Gabe asked if I would like to shoot an engagement session for one of our clients, solo.

I was super excited for this opportunity! Especially since it was going to take place at a miniature golf course! Not only was the setting fun and interesting, but the couple told Gabe and I that they actually went mini golfing on their first date! I thought that was incredibly sweet, and such a fun place to go on your first date.

Where did you go on your first date?

I shot these a week ago, and have been working hard on finishing them all week. The couple was fun, playful and so very stylish! I love how they coordinated their outfits! We photograph their wedding in the middle of August, I can't wait to see them again!


moo moo


in the field

They were just as curious about me, as I was about them.

Lately, I have been imagining life on a farm

It is a good sort of busy around here, but I hope to lounge like these cows soon.


they make me laugh

evil eye

being helpful

Mea, giving me her evil eye, which I love.
Mojo was helping me unpack.

pictures of these two always make me laugh.


the players




I decided to draw 4 more people to play the sour face game, so I drew a total of 14 names! Thank you for all those who entered to play! I wish I could send you all some candies!

These are the people that I randomly drew out of the jar!

Hip Kid
Jennifer Young
Tumbleweed Woman

If you are on this list and you have not recieved a message/e-mail/comment from me already, please e-mail me so that I can get your mailing information. I will send you some Super Lemons right away! You can e-mail me at bonjour.celine(at)

Hopefully in a couple of weeks, we will see some sour faces! I cannot wait to see what everyone does!


too good to wait

heat wave baking



heat wave baking

heat wave muffins

There is a heat wave in the city, and our air conditioner does not work.

I just checked the temperature in our kitchen, and it is 30°C (86°F)!

But then, I saw
this muffin recipe from May and Gabe.

It had flavours I have never had together before. Toasted fennel seeds, with a sour cream and ricotta filling topped with toasted walnuts! I couldn’t wait for this heat wave to pass, I had to try it.

The end result was delicious! But I am going to stay away from the oven/stove until...

a) the heat wave passes
b) we get air conditioning.

If A or B happens, I will make another batch!


sour face

sour face

sour face

super lemon!

S-s-s-super Lemon!!

If we go back to the Photobooth photos from the Yard Sale Trunk Show, you may have noticed that a lot of people were making one particular face.

The sour face.

We brought these candies called “Super Lemon” that are pretty sour at first (although some will deny it, *ahem* Jin!), then it mellows out to be pretty tasty. I had a lot of fun photographing people’s reaction to this candy!

I wish I could to meet all of you and photograph each of you myself. Since that is not possible at this moment, this game I just made up is the next best thing. I thought it would be fun if you did your own sour face. I can send you some Super Lemons, and in return, you send me a photo of your sour face reaction!

Your photos will be posted here; it will be fun to see the results of everyone’s photos and reactions together!

Leave a comment by Friday July 9th, 5pm E.S.T. and depending on how many people want to play, I will randomly pick a bunch of people (hoping 10 or more?) and announce the winners next Monday.

Thanks for playing!

p.s. if you’ve already had this candy before, or if you were already at the Yard Sale Trunk Show, you should still play!

p.p.s. in these photos are Jin, Gabe, and my brother is in the middle. Henry!