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Lucky streak

my new necklace



beautiful swedish stamps

This is my second time winning a giveaway from Elizabeth from Fine Little Day. This time, she hosted a giveaway from Malinka for this beautiful necklace made with Liberty fabric!

I love the bow detail. I could wear it on the front, the back or the side. I quite like it at the front.

The second best part of this package is the amazing stamps! This is definitely going in my stamp collection. Thank you Malinka and Elizabeth!

I just joined
Pinterest, and it is totally addicting.


pumpkins galore!

mini pumpkins

pumpkin bouquet


pumpkin with a skin problem.

Halloween sort of crept up on me this year. We don’t want to be party poopers, but Jin and I decided that we are not dressing up this year because we have been so busy (a good busy!). But I think our costumes last year made up for it! I had such a great time last year!

I am not ruling out all Halloween festivities though! With this being our first year in this new neighbourhood, I am especially excited to hand candy out to the kids! We are having some friends over for a pumpkin carving party this week so that we have some lanterns out on our porch to tell all the neighbourhood kids that we are indeed, trick or treat friendly!



Masanori Oji exhibit

Masanori Oji

Masanori Oji

brass and wood

f,l,o,w,e,r,s, ruler

Yesterday, was the exhibit of the works of Masanori Oji at mjolk. These are some of the beautiful things I saw.

Along with Masanori's works, there were pieces from other designers, like the
f,l,o,w,e,r,s ruler in the last photo.

Masanori Oji was there last night, and we got to say hello.

More of his work on
his site. It is a must see.


Family Time

chive pancake

scooping soup

jin's dad

korean feast

Dinner at Jin's parent's place.

We had my favourite korean soup. Spicy lamb soup!
And Jin's parents made pancakes with chives.

We always eat so well when we visit.

Thank you for all your kind comments on my last post! It makes me even more excited for next year! (I didn't know that was possible!)


capturing love

capturing love, D+S

capturing love, D+S

capturing love, D+S

I have fallen in love with the work of so many talented wedding photographers in these past couple of years. The joy and beauty they capture, constantly amaze me. They always push me to shoot more, and learn more.

From the first day I started photographing with Gabe, he has always pointed me in the direction of Claudia Hung for inspiration. Her work is so stylish and sophisticated, and she captures the moment so well; it makes my heart hurt.

So you can imagine my surprise when I found a friendly message in my inbox from Claudia a few weeks ago. Before I knew it, we were eating Vietnamese Pho on a weeknight, and talking about me going along with her on her 2011 weddings!

I am speechless, ecstatic, and excited beyond words. (!!!)

Claudia was kind enough to bring me along with her to Daniella + Sal's engagement session last Friday for some valuable learning, observing and practicing. These are some shots I took. Aren't they a beautiful and sweet couple? Go see Claudia's beautiful photos from this session, and you will see why I love her work so much.

I am so fortunate for this opportunity to shoot with 2 incredibly talented photographers next year (for both Claudia Hung and Gabe Li), as well as photographing my own weddings (including Melinda + Chris!).

It is only October, but I have a feeling 2011 is going to be a very good year for capturing love.


the perfect 10

tea time


a ok 10


gabe tweet

Yesterday was October 10th, 2010, a perfect date of 10/10/10. It was a very auspicious day to get married on, as the numbers 101010 translates to something close to "perfect in every respect" in chinese.

Gabe, May and I were part of the spectacle! We were able to go for brunch together before photographing the wedding (which we rarely get to do!), and we found 10's all around us (and Gabe excitedly tweeted about)!

It was a sign of good things to come, and it turned out to be a perfect wedding day.

Congratulations to everyone who got married on 10/10/10!


cat food

feeding time

cat food

an excited mojo

yom nom mea

king & queen

I hope we dont' sound like 'crazy cat people' when I tell you this, but I am so happy with our results, I thought I would spread the good news. We recently switched Mea and Mojo's food from cat kibble to raw meat.

Several events led us to try this, but the main reason was because Mea got sick a couple months ago. We still don't know what happened, but it had something to do with her digestive track. She wasn't eating anything for awhile, and the vet told us that it is very important to make her eat anything, even treats and other cat junk food. A cat will start to decompose its' own body after 24 hours of no food consumption. That sounds really really scary!

While I was looking for things that cats find delicious, I came across sites that talked about the benefits of raw food for cats. All their reasons made sense, but some solutions were really intense. Some diets involved grinding whole chickens (bones included!!) at home and adding supplements bought from health food stores. Jin and I simply do not have time for that!

I scoured the internet for a less intense alternative, and I found this forumla for cats ( where you mix it with ground meat, and then it is ready to serve! Mojo loved it immediately (as we suspected he would) but Mea took a little time to convert (princess).

Now that we have finally converted them to a completely raw meat diet, we can already see the benefits! Their coat is shinier and softer, and they seem to have a lot more energy. I am hoping Mojo will slim down a little too. Our vet said he was getting concerningly heavy for his age! Poor boy!

What can I say? they are the real king and queen of our house!

I want this cat to be part of our home. (via)


the market







I am enjoying the last few weeks of the farmer's market, I will be so sad to see it go.

The colours are stunning at this time of year. Nature really goes out with a bang!