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Yesterday was October 10th, 2010, a perfect date of 10/10/10. It was a very auspicious day to get married on, as the numbers 101010 translates to something close to "perfect in every respect" in chinese.

Gabe, May and I were part of the spectacle! We were able to go for brunch together before photographing the wedding (which we rarely get to do!), and we found 10's all around us (and Gabe excitedly tweeted about)!

It was a sign of good things to come, and it turned out to be a perfect wedding day.

Congratulations to everyone who got married on 10/10/10!


  1. great post!
    there's was something so satisfactory & right about all those 10s yesterday, so can really see that it'd be an auspicious day in the chinese calendar.

  2. how fun to see all those tens!

  3. wow!! glad you had a lovely time!

  4. very special timing :) really funny way of playing with numbers!

  5. I love days like this, brilliant post.

  6. OMG is that *gasp* AUNTIE'S + UNCLES?!? my favourite breakfast place EVER?!?! sigh. it has been too long....though i hate braving the lines now that my favourite server has disappeared (he kinda looked like hodges from csi vegas - do you know who i mean?)...

    also, 10/10 for this weekend too! how perfect was the weather? :)

  7. And what would 11/11/11 mean? A few years ago my birthday was on 6/6/6 which i think doesn't have a very good symbolic association.

  8. I was thinking on 10/10/10 about how many couples were probably getting married that day!

  9. ten is such a round number in my mind. every other big number is made up of this, the first of the "big numbers". heee! sorry if this is gobbly gook! hope you had a lovely thanksgiving! xo

  10. I hesitate to comment, as I'll be the 11th, thus ruining a perfect-10-comments.

    But how can I avoid saying that I adore you?

  11. the three 10s had me so excited that day. Love the pictures:)

  12. great post and lovely table!
    Nice to meet you!