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The guests bring dessert


We are going to May and Gabe's place for dinner, and I am going to attempt another pie for dessert. Gabe told me yesterday that there is going to be some guest participation in preparing their dinner. I am very curious as to what that means!

I am attempting pear and cranberry pie, the first pie my brother and Catie brought for us from Wanda's Pie in the Sky.I ate it, and said "I want to make it!"

Have a great weekend!

(the pears are sitting on a baby quilt I am making for our friend. I can't decide whether I want to
machine quilt it, or hand quilt it...I am leaning towards hand quilting. My sewing machine is getting old.)


Remember quizzes?



tip, tip, tip


courier 2

I came across this quiz a little while ago and I thought I would do it for fun.
I remember as a teenager, I would take a lot of quizzes in teenage magazines like Seventeen, in hopes I would find out who I am through those turbulent teenage years. The results usually ended up making me think, "really? am I really like that?", and I would go on to take the next one to see if those results would sounds more appealing to me.

Now that I am a little older than teen, I am even more confused! But have yet to rely on a quiz to tell me who I am! I like my results in this one though! Mainly because it was like it read my mind or something, because I was just typing a letter to my dear friend Navjeet on my beloved french typewriter before I did this quiz. Wow!

I have yet to finish and mail out that letter. I'm so sorry Nav!!

What font are you?








This is the first winter I can remember where I am enjoying it, and don't mind the cold at all. We explored a little bit of ontario this weekend by taking a mini holiday in Ontario's wine country. It was to celebrate our 5 year (dating) anniversary - which is still unbelievable to me. My, how time flies! This is the first time we went on a trip anywhere around our city, as we usually plan bigger trips that require planes that fly over large bodies of water to get there. And we usually land in another city. But our scope of travel has expanded to more than other large cities. But we are not quite the type to rough it in nature camping is out of the question for now!

Jin said there are other fun winter things to do around us, and we want to try them more next year.

- staying in a log cabin up north, with a warm fire all weekend (sounds so nice!)
- dog sledding
- snow shoeing
- skiing/snowboarding (but I am so bad at both!)

Do you have any other suggestions?

Our trip, this time was not very wintery. I think I'd like to go back to the vineyards when the grapes are growing. It would make for pretty pictures. But there is something nice about leaving your home for the weekend. We should do this more often.





This year is our first Valentine as a married couple. Jin and I are just planning on spending a quiet day together. We are going to the market tomorrow, and he is going to make me dinner (if you know Jin, you will know that he doesn't cook, so this is quite special!), and I am going to make him another pie.

Happy Valentines Day.


raindrops & clouds

bonne fête Jeanjeet.

silver lining


cloud factory

I have a very strong, unexplainable attraction to clouds, and the little drops that come from them. I have never really admitted it out loud, until now. I have no explanation for it. It just makes me happy. That is good enough isn't it?

1. A cloud I made for my good friend Jean(jeet)
2. A poster sitting under our christmas tree for Jin

3. An installation at this weekend's Come Up To My Room
4. My cloud factory by Pearson Maron

Some other cloud things I have been pining for are here ------> x x


out - and - about - weekend

sweet hearts





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I had such a great weekend. So great, in fact, that I was too pooped on Monday to post about it. I was so flattered that you guys liked my humble work space last week, that I looked over at Jin's desk, and I thought "It needs some major redecorating". We found this amazing industrial grey desk for him on Criagslist ( I love you craigslist!), so Jin spent the rest of the weekend reorganizing, while I went shopping!! I will show photos of Jin's new desk when we get everything ready.

Sunday, I went to the workroom's trunk show with May and Pui! As always, I had an amazing time, talking to people I don't normally see, and seeing the great vendors that the workroom hand picks themselves!
May asked if I wanted to go to "come up to my room" at the Gladstone Hotel and I was like, "what is that?". I was pleasantly surprised. It was an art show, showcasing installations done by artists in Toronto. I have a special spot in my heart for local artists. My favorite was this installation, where you look through a monocle, and it alters the way you see the lights in front of you. Can you see the little hearts?? It made everyone in that room giggle!


My Desk



Famapa tagged me to show my desk. I went home and was too embaressed to show my very messy desk (you could not see the wood surface of my desk!), so I cleaned it up this weekend. It felt very good, because I have not seen the top of my desk since our wedding in September '08.
As you can see, it hasn't changed much from almost two years ago, I just accumulated more books and friends.
The other desk is supposed to be a shared desk for Jin and I, but I took over (oops!) and this is where I silkscreen and sew, and create other crafty messes. Currently, I am attempting to make a baby quilt for the best man at our wedding out of leftover flags from our wedding!

Now I tag
Yukiko, Rosalyn, and Lottie to show their desks!