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My Desk



Famapa tagged me to show my desk. I went home and was too embaressed to show my very messy desk (you could not see the wood surface of my desk!), so I cleaned it up this weekend. It felt very good, because I have not seen the top of my desk since our wedding in September '08.
As you can see, it hasn't changed much from almost two years ago, I just accumulated more books and friends.
The other desk is supposed to be a shared desk for Jin and I, but I took over (oops!) and this is where I silkscreen and sew, and create other crafty messes. Currently, I am attempting to make a baby quilt for the best man at our wedding out of leftover flags from our wedding!

Now I tag
Yukiko, Rosalyn, and Lottie to show their desks!


  1. the cat shadow!!! perfect! love this little colourful corner, looks like a cosy place to sit and work.

  2. haha neat idea! I'll definitly have mine posted! I have to clean my table first too!!

  3. omgosh! u really want to see my desk???
    ok! i'll post it very soon!! i'm off to work now!!

    such a great idea! :)
    ps. i love the hama beads!!!

  4. The drawers and the heart are super fine.

  5. thanks so much guys!
    famapa - I have had the Mojo shadow for so long now! I think almost a year. It is so cute, I don't want to change it!
    Yukiko - your desk looks so cute! I finally get to see your work space in St. Catherines!
    Rosalyn - can't wait to see your desk! I want to see that project you were talking about!
    Elizabeth - thank you! I'm flattered you like it! seriously, blushing!
    Karin - thanks Karin!

  6. CYLO DOOD I LOVE THOSE DRAWERS the ones to the left of your normaly computery desk, they are so righteous!!! and that chubby happy buddha cat is too chill, bahahahahaha!! XDDD