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I had such a great weekend. So great, in fact, that I was too pooped on Monday to post about it. I was so flattered that you guys liked my humble work space last week, that I looked over at Jin's desk, and I thought "It needs some major redecorating". We found this amazing industrial grey desk for him on Criagslist ( I love you craigslist!), so Jin spent the rest of the weekend reorganizing, while I went shopping!! I will show photos of Jin's new desk when we get everything ready.

Sunday, I went to the workroom's trunk show with May and Pui! As always, I had an amazing time, talking to people I don't normally see, and seeing the great vendors that the workroom hand picks themselves!
May asked if I wanted to go to "come up to my room" at the Gladstone Hotel and I was like, "what is that?". I was pleasantly surprised. It was an art show, showcasing installations done by artists in Toronto. I have a special spot in my heart for local artists. My favorite was this installation, where you look through a monocle, and it alters the way you see the lights in front of you. Can you see the little hearts?? It made everyone in that room giggle!


  1. this was my fave one too! i totally want to do this in my daughter's room with her name. it's fantastic!

  2. oh man..i wanted to go to the come up to my room thing! i didn't even know about it until it was over....=/

  3. awesome shots celine!!! hope you had a good evening getting ur bake-on!!

  4. I know I'm late on this one but I had to say it- the style of your photos documenting the things you do and places you go is so great and so very unique! The shot of the trunk with the green coat is my fav.