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raindrops & clouds

bonne fĂȘte Jeanjeet.

silver lining


cloud factory

I have a very strong, unexplainable attraction to clouds, and the little drops that come from them. I have never really admitted it out loud, until now. I have no explanation for it. It just makes me happy. That is good enough isn't it?

1. A cloud I made for my good friend Jean(jeet)
2. A poster sitting under our christmas tree for Jin

3. An installation at this weekend's Come Up To My Room
4. My cloud factory by Pearson Maron

Some other cloud things I have been pining for are here ------> x x


  1. haha you really love clouds and raindrops~!
    Can't wait to see the raindrop installation!

  2. oh the cloud factory is adorable. have you read the michael chabon book? i love clouds too - the sky/cloud umbrella from the moma store HAS to be mine some day.

  3. I love your cloud collection. That factory is my favorite.

  4. yukiko - the installation was already over :( I went on the last day. We should go next year

    M - Which book? hehe! I obviously haven't read it, but now I am intrigued!

    hey erica! how are you? I agree, cloud factory is certainly at the top