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This is the first winter I can remember where I am enjoying it, and don't mind the cold at all. We explored a little bit of ontario this weekend by taking a mini holiday in Ontario's wine country. It was to celebrate our 5 year (dating) anniversary - which is still unbelievable to me. My, how time flies! This is the first time we went on a trip anywhere around our city, as we usually plan bigger trips that require planes that fly over large bodies of water to get there. And we usually land in another city. But our scope of travel has expanded to more than other large cities. But we are not quite the type to rough it in nature camping is out of the question for now!

Jin said there are other fun winter things to do around us, and we want to try them more next year.

- staying in a log cabin up north, with a warm fire all weekend (sounds so nice!)
- dog sledding
- snow shoeing
- skiing/snowboarding (but I am so bad at both!)

Do you have any other suggestions?

Our trip, this time was not very wintery. I think I'd like to go back to the vineyards when the grapes are growing. It would make for pretty pictures. But there is something nice about leaving your home for the weekend. We should do this more often.


  1. high five! happy anniversary! I'm all for traveling locally now too, so much unexplored goodness out there... did you get your hair cut? looks lovely!

  2. thank you famapa! ooh I can just imagine all the goodness that you have around London!
    I did get a haircut! It is so short now! I am not used to it!

  3. Happy anniversary! I just found your lovely blog - I'll most definately come back later. :)
    I added your blog to my blog's link list, I hope it is okay.

    Have a lovely day.

  4. Hi there. (Thanks for visiting & leaving a comment on my blog!)
    You have such a cute blog going. Is it you in the blue cardigan? Love your bangs!

  5. Malla - thank you for adding me on your blog link! I am flattered! Please do come by again!

    aixxx - yes! that is me in the blue, and my fresh hair cut!

  6. aw so sweet. happy 5th. mine will be 6th(together) in a few months! woot woot.

  7. Your pictures are SO GOOD. Professional.