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Remember quizzes?



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I came across this quiz a little while ago and I thought I would do it for fun.
I remember as a teenager, I would take a lot of quizzes in teenage magazines like Seventeen, in hopes I would find out who I am through those turbulent teenage years. The results usually ended up making me think, "really? am I really like that?", and I would go on to take the next one to see if those results would sounds more appealing to me.

Now that I am a little older than teen, I am even more confused! But have yet to rely on a quiz to tell me who I am! I like my results in this one though! Mainly because it was like it read my mind or something, because I was just typing a letter to my dear friend Navjeet on my beloved french typewriter before I did this quiz. Wow!

I have yet to finish and mail out that letter. I'm so sorry Nav!!

What font are you?


  1. im times new roman! haha
    some call me timeless, others call me a snob. Either way i'm a class act all around, just dont take myself too seriously.

    haha *sigh*

  2. haha..i'm courier too!

  3. oh no! i'm times new roman! i hate that font! but then I saw that you could end up as comic sans which is even worse, so I guess it's not too bad :)

    lovely pictures celine!

  4. Word verification is so buggy in Safari! I've tried to leave this comment twice. Anyhow, I'm Edwardian Script! But really I'm an Edwardian Script who is annoyed with Safari! Hehe.

  5. hehe! it is so fun to see everyone's results!

  6. I'm Helvetica!
    "You're like a industry standard. Classic. Reliable. Okay, maybe a bit boring. But you don't let the haters get you down- after all, you've still got plenty of friends who think you're the best."