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The guests bring dessert


We are going to May and Gabe's place for dinner, and I am going to attempt another pie for dessert. Gabe told me yesterday that there is going to be some guest participation in preparing their dinner. I am very curious as to what that means!

I am attempting pear and cranberry pie, the first pie my brother and Catie brought for us from Wanda's Pie in the Sky.I ate it, and said "I want to make it!"

Have a great weekend!

(the pears are sitting on a baby quilt I am making for our friend. I can't decide whether I want to
machine quilt it, or hand quilt it...I am leaning towards hand quilting. My sewing machine is getting old.)


  1. hand quilting!!! that's what i want to attempt too!!! u can do it celine! :)

  2. gabe and i had the rest of the pie yesterday. It made our stomachs very happy :D

    i should start baking something too, once i've got the oven figured out...haha.

  3. Such a lovely quilt, I love the colors you chose!

  4. rosalyn - I started the hand quilting, and I am addicted! I have no idea if I am doing it right, but it looks so much better than machine quilting!

    May - we made another pie the next day because I had so much leftover fruit filling! I like it better when it is baked for a bit longer! I will make you a better one next time!!

    Alexandria - thank you! The coloured pieces of fabric are from my wedding!