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Happy Meal

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crazy menu

another raw egg

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playin with our food

The hostess said our table will be ready in one hour, and we all looked at each other and shrugged. Not bad. We were warned beforehand about the wait times at Guu.

Guu is the new Japanese izakaya everyone is talking about. If you live in Vancouver, surely you have been to this chain already (there is something like, 5 in Vancouver), but this is the first one that opened in Toronto-town.

We went with our favourite people to try new food with,
Gabe, May and William. Izakayas are Japanese drinking establishments that serve small dishes to go with drinks, but we went for solely for the food! Of course, we had drinks too! When our table was ready, we walked inside the restaurant and were greeted by the staff (and some customers at their tables!) in Japanese! It was happy, loud, and in unison!

They do this when a party arrives and leaves, so there was a lot of loud shouts and waving of hands during our meal. It was very interactive! The other fun part was the amount of dishes we ordered! I think we had 16 dishes, and 3 desserts! Mmmm!

I didn't take any good pictures of the food, but I did catch the boys playing with shrimp heads! Guu just made us act silly! It was such a happy meal!
Juli and John took some great pictures of their meal at Guu! Go see (they have good photos of the actual food!)!

p.s. I know I am flooding this blog with photos of raw eggs! I don't mean to, but that yellow yolk draws my eyes in. Also, I think I eat too many eggs.


  1. Those shrimps-puppet are hilarious!!!


  2. I agreed! The last photo of those shrimp heads made me smiled!

  3. sounds and looks like you had a fab time! :)

  4. that is the best japanese menu i have ever seen!

  5. Haha, looks like we started something!
    It's such a great place, and well worth any wait!
    Can't wait to go back : )

  6. warm and happy pictures! :)

  7. haha, love the last picture :D

  8. mmm this place looks delicious!!! yom yom

  9. great photos - as always! I hope you know I am completely addicted to your blog!

  10. Hey! I just came across your blog, and so far I'm loving your posts! :D And I love the photos you take, I'm an instant fan! And oh you just made me hungry for some eggs! Eggs with curryyyy.