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our weekend find

green pepper

a pepper


A dutch oven in the shape of a pepper.
A green pepper!

We found this Le Creuset pot this weekend for such a great deal, we couldn't pass it up. It is so cute, I just had to show you!

Also, it makes me giggle at the stove when I use it. I made pasta sauce in it, and served it in the pepper too. I was giggling throughout our dinner. Just ask Jin.

The inside is also shaped like the pepper, and I love how they shaped the handle at the top!


The olympics are over, and Canada won gold for hockey!!! People were so happy, they were hugging in intersections!

How cute is that?

Yaaay Canada!


  1. oh, its so great! le creuset is the best. i think you should bake some stuffed peppers in it, hee.

  2. hooray canada! & hooray for dutch oven peppers! sooo cute :)!

  3. how did the sauce come out?
    i still have yet to use my le creuset pots...
    i think you would go crazy at the hong kong le creuset sale.


  4. :) never knew they called it dutch. Must have been great spaghetti-sauce, with all that giggling :)

  5. Ahh! That's really sweet, Celine! I've seen little versions of those, but not big enough to make sauce in! Best find! xo

  6. Okay, I LOVE this. Hilarious.

  7. Love the pot, and most of all the handle. So cute!

  8. Good lord that is SO CUTE! I love the attention to detail from outside in, from bottom to the handle at the top.

  9. hey, nice new header and side bar... really like it

  10. What a sweet sweet find! Dutch ovens are so wonderful, but as a green's over the top!

  11. elena! haha! that is what I said to the guy who sold it to us! hehe! It was so tempting! I couldn't NOT say it!

    natalie + luke! haha! thanks!!

    sekimachihato! you haven't used them? you must start! I use mine almost everyday now! if you need recipes, just let me know! And you are right, I would go crazy at the creuset sales in HK! I need to find some in Toronto!

    Mary! it's adorable isn't it?

    jokemijn! yea, why do they call it a dutch oven??

    Melinda! I've seen the little ones too! i don't know what they do in them!

    Rachel! haha! hilarious! I agree!

    Heodeza and Tanvi! they really paid attention to detail!

    Hearblack! thank you so much! I am so happy to hear that you like it.

    alexandria! i know! totally totally over the top! I can't stop laughing at it!

  12. so cute! it looks so small in the pictures! is it large?