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playing with mirrors

mirror mirror

mirror mirror

mirror mirror

Do you remember that pretty little compact May gave me?

I have been playing with it.

I knew that if you wanted to focus on a subject in a mirror, you have to take the distance of the subject to the mirror, and multiply it by 2. This is my first time trying it manually.

It makes sense doesn't it? I had so much fun with it.

I made a small "about" page
here. There isn’t much on it, but I hope to add more later on.


You know that spectacular birthday party in my last post? Go see more great pictures from Erica, Anabela and Karyn if you already haven’t!

Geoff introduced me to their friend Johan, who is an incredibly talented photographer. He showed me some of his work, and I felt really inspired. He has a show coming up at Pikto Gallery at the end of March, and I can't wait to go see it. Do drop by if you are in the city on March 26th!

I do not usually pay too much attention to camera equipment, but I am now lusting for a new lens. Which one? I am not sure yet.


  1. you've been making changes to the blog template little by little eh?

    it looks good!

    i think you should get a 24mm, cuz your 35mm takes great pictures already!

  2. Those photos turned out great! They're so sweet! I especially like the top one.

  3. These are sincerely delightful photos and the changes you've been making to your blog make it all the more special.

  4. your blog is so inspiring and refreshing! i love it!

  5. your 'about' page is so cute! love the little hello popping out of the mirror.

    i know what you mean about lenses--just recently my granddad gave me his old nikon SLR, which came with several lenses and i am so happy to be using on my DSLR! fun fun fun.

  6. I can't live without my Canon 17-85.

  7. Hello, Johan here!

    You do have a lovely blog with great images and content, thank you for sharing and thanks for the nice comments on my work! Defo think you should get the 24mm 1.4 lens! You would love it on the 40d.

    Take care, see you at the exhibition opening on March 26th.

  8. so cute !! and you have such a delightful blog. I am glad I found you.