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It wasn’t me



it wasn't me!

Jin: Mojo, did you eat Mea’s food again?

Mojo: not me! I swear!

This boy right here, will let us do anything to him.

We can poke his forehead for a minute, and he wouldn’t mind.

We can do things to take a funny photo of him, like
put a bag on his head, or tape. He still has his pink ribbon on his collar.

I am not sure why he looks so terrified in the last photo! We put him on the floor right after.

Mea, our girl cat, would swat our face if we handled her the way we handle Mojo. But it is ok, for she is a


  1. I'm so jealous, my cat won't even let me pick her up without having a heart attack!

  2. celine, this post made me laugh out loud. too cute!

  3. hi! just found you through nina.
    this post is KILLING me!
    here's my boy...


  4. Wait... you suffocated Mojo with a paper bag? I'm calling the authorities.

  5. Mojo! you're my favourite cat! just don't tell Mea that..

  6. Your cats are the sweetest cats!

  7. lol
    i love cats that act more like dogs.

  8. this cat it is amazing!!!!

  9. Well, i won't be the first one to say that, but i really have to admit your Mojo IS awesomely beautiful...

  10. I have a black cat, too. He will let hold him just about anyway. funny

  11. Love the first photo - it's almost surreal. And the colour of his eyes! You know, from general consensus, boy cats tend to like being manhandled, aka attention. Girl cats don't like getting picked up or in the case of our Isha, sometimes even petting her the wrong way makes her mad. haha. Weird.

    Also, you are making me want to get another cat. Sigh.

  12. so cute:) he doesn't look happy

  13. completely adorable. i clicked on the link to mea's photo...ah, yes, i see...she is a pretty princess who should not have to suffer such indignities : )
    beautiful photographs!

  14. kate! My other cat is exactly like that! I love how all cats are so different!

    Nina! hehe! I keep laughing at mojo's face everytime I see these photos!

    Celia! Your cat has the cutest chin ever!

    Matt! I swear, we weren't hurting him! haha!

    May! *gasp*!! We can't let Mea hear that!

    Melinda! No! Your Dre is the sweetest! Especially when he drinks milk!

    Amanda! We totally think Mojo is a dog! disguised as a cat!

    Nuria! Thanks! We think so too!!!

    Lulu! Thanks!

    Bonjour Juliette! haha! awe* thank you so much!

    Kerry! I am noticing that most black cats are very docile! It must be in their genes!

    Juli! Yes, I also noticed, from always talking about our cats with other cat owners, that the boys are a lot more easy going than the girls. Mea is the same. She will get angry if I pet her too long.

    Renilde! haha! I don't think he was, but he takes it!

    Amy! She is a princess isn't she?? That is TOTALLY what she is thinking. "such indignities"! haha!

  15. hahahah!! thats funny, i like mojo already!
    i wish my cats would wear what i put on them!

  16. thisis my first time here, but you have fabulous pictures.

    i will be back!

  17. Oh, Mojo makes me think of all the cats I've had through time. I love him already. Can I borrow him?

    xx Nadia at