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Caught! Red handed!



a red hand

I am always amazed at the amount of colour beets give off! It is such a beautiful colour! And beets are so tasty too.

It has been so sunny in the city this week, it makes me want to make salads instead of making my weekly winter soups and stews. I am making a delicious beet and artichoke salad here. I wish I had this for lunch today!

In anticipation of spring, I need more salad ideas. What is your favourite salad you like to make?

(These pictures are taken by Jinny! Thanks honey!)


  1. Beets are such a gorgeous color.

    Recently I've been making basic green salads but adding freshly roasted sliced almonds on top. It adds an extra special something. There's also this fantastic little sizzle when the hot almonds come in contact with cold lettuce.

  2. sounds like you would love this ny times article on 101 simple salads:

    I've barely made a dent in the list!

  3. I love beets!
    I just found out recently that you can use the colour from beets to make red velvet cake, (instead of using food colouring, which always weirds me out a little).
    Your salad sounds delicious!

  4. we're been eating alot of salads too. mostly just plain arugula, and we made a crab salad just yesterday

  5. I eat my favorite salad almost every day at lunch:

    beets (of course!)
    niblets corn (ho ho ho the jolly green giant)
    cherry tomatoes
    grilled chicken

    I add a balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing.

  6. I brought this watermelon and chopped veg salad to a few BBQ's and parties last summer and it was a massive hit. Highly recommended!

  7. makes good pictures though :)
    happy weekend Celine!

  8. lovely pictures céline, i love beet too, both the colour and the taste.
    my favourite salat is a very classic one, i'm sorry :-(
    Salade Niçoise!

  9. oh i love beets so much because of their color! it's the only mess that's okay, because it's deep purple and red. i love the first image a lot, celine.

  10. Ah, beets are lovely and tasty! :) Salads and beets, yummm.

  11. beets just scream 'spring' to me.
    my fave salad by far is Lemon Lentil & Arugula Salad from the Spring LCBO Guide last year. definite keeper.

  12. is there any easy way to prepare a beet?
    we often get this beet in our weekly organic basket but my k-chan always complains as it takes so long to prepare it (i think she boils it?!)

  13. any salad with fried haloumi on top for me!! to think that salad season is nearly upon us... man, I can't wait.