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I was happy-clicking on Sunday. I was in a great mood to shoot some photos! I love those days!

I went to the Hunt & Gather Show at the workroom with May, Gabe, and Jin. As always, I had a great time seeing everyone there! We bought some bowties for Jin and I from Reva, and I scored some amazing embroidery hoops from Anabela & Geoff! Nikki (whom I have not seen in YEARS!) and her boyfriend had the coolest tattoos I have ever seen!

After, we went to eat brunch at Oddfellows and ordered some fun juices and coffee (Jin drank the coffee, I just smelled it!). I usually do not order pancakes (I prefer french toast), but their pancakes were the best I have ever had. So moist and fluffy,....I hope you can try it one day.

Today, I feel a little under the weather. My head is foggy, and I have to work fast fast fast for this deadline at work! Wish me luck.


  1. Such nice pictures, Celine! It was so nice to see you! xo

  2. i love the pics! what camera do you use?
    and i think i'm going to try out the brunch places in your blog. :) brunch/breakfast is my favorite meal.

  3. i clearly was distracted by all the pretty things there! haha

  4. oh Celine, hang in there. deadlines are just no fun.
    the moustache-tatoos are great!! xx

  5. My fingers are crossed for you and hoping the best comes your way. I can't help but comment on your photos so often, they are truly wonderful.

  6. Those pancakes are out of control.

  7. Oddfellows pancakes are pretty amazing, but the best in the city are the buttermilk pancakes at the Harbord Room.

    You've got to try them!