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I still got brunch!

no socks

@ swan

I still got to do something weekend-like on my saturday of work. I met Jin for brunch on my lunch hour. We went to Swan, a favourite spot, and very close to my office (lucky me!). I love their orange tables. It was a beautiful day, everyone was out-and-about, enjoying the spring weather we all have been waiting for! It was a no socks kind of day. Finally.


  1. i love your blog and i love your pictures and i love everything that you make. i wish i can speak french too. :)
    and i love brunch too. harhar.

  2. yay for spring, it's the same over here, thank goodness! winter really dragged last year. do you find you get a bit confused? I'm like, hang on, how do we do this again? what do I wear? I think I'm getting into the swing of things now though :0)

  3. What's Jin eating ? Steak and eggs ?

  4. hooray for no socks and silly feet tan lines.

  5. Melissa! Thank you for coming by and saying hello! Where is your favourite brunch spot?

    Famapa! I am so happy it is nice in London now! I do get a bit confused with the change in weather! It is like getting back on a bike after a couple of years. I am not quite sure what to wear, or where my lighter, less warmer clothes are!

    Cherrypopz! YES! steak and eggs!! such a hearty breakfast!

    Hi Nikole! How was your weekend? I am looking for a pair of sandals so that I can vary my feet tan lines!

  6. By the way, Etsy's coming to Toronto and Montreal =D

  7. I love these photo so much fun follow your blog!

  8. yup! what a lovely lunch break!

  9. These photos.
    Rarely do photos make me physically hungry. So good.