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Hugging Mea

You know when you go out to run some errands, and you have a schedule to follow for the day? But then you stumble onto something unexpectedly wonderful, and it changes the entire objective of your day. This was one of those days. A new door with stairs leading up to a space above Magic Pony was open, and we have never seen it open before. We went up, and we found a lovely place with lovely things. And a nice man by the name of Michael Baumgart was there and he showed us around. The space featured wonderful works by him, and his partner Julie Jenkinson. It also showcased some design-y things, made by famous people whose names I do not remember, and others are just old, and treasured.

Then we went home, and Mea came to greet us at the door


  1. WHOAAA are those balloons in the top photo?!?!? Or glass bulbs or something?! maan, that is so cool! ( * W *)/

    ahuwhuah and mea looks so jolly to see you guys! x3

  2. Celine! I am so glad that I found your blog... it's exactly like you and I am adding it to my 'favourite blogs' folder to read on a regular basis.

  3. bon bon! Those are all lightbulbs! It is a chandelier....and damn me, I don't know the designer's name!

    Hi Sacha! thanks for stopping by and thanks for adding me!

  4. is this Magic Pony's new gallery that opened up?

  5. You have such an eye for photo taking. I really love these. Hope that you're having an awesome weekend.

  6. I enjoy your photos a lot, I'm not sure but I think It's my first visit, I'll be back!!!!