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Start Them Young

Lego Camera!

sophie's Eloise

Time flies! Eloise is 8 weeks old, it is Friday already and I have been meaning to show this to you since last weekend!

My little friend Sophie showed me her present she got from her grandparents this past weekend and I thought it was the coolest. It is a little digital camera of her very own and I love that it is a Lego Camera! My brother and I played with Lego when we were kids, I know we would have loved this. I would totally get something like this for Eloise when she is older, I wonder if she will like taking photos as well?

The second photo is Eloise on Jin's lap, taken by Sophie on her Lego Camera.


  1. I think E is also going to make a super photog assistant to her talented Mom! ;)


  2. Nothing better than encouraging the very young to express their creativity, and a cool Lego camera seems a fabulous tool to help the cause!

  3. Ahhh I love that lego camera! And I definitely agree about starting them young :)