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new lights

in the evening

These are vintage office lights we bought many years ago, and they have been sitting in storage since. We weren't sure if it would be bright enough to light up our kitchen.

I walk by a school on my way to work everyday, and I took a peek into their windows. They have the exact same lights! I love the shape of the glass shade very much. I observed the space they were hanging in, and it is bigger than our kitchen. So, the only way to find out if it was bright enough, was to try it out.

Last week, my brother came by to help me install them, and Jin finished it off the next day. I tried installing it too, but I discovered that I am terrified of being on top of ladders! I have to get over that fear so that I can do this on my own! But our kitchen looks so different now, the light is so even and bright! It is amazing the great effect lighting has in a room! I am so glad we finally put these up.


  1. pretty shape!

    friendly lighting is the best. i can't stand the flourescent lights in my kitchen. i use pot lights and a lamp instead.

  2. Yaaaay! You put them up! They look beautiful. We've been doing some things around the house to get ready to be holed up for the winter, and for the holidays. I may write about it shortly. xo

  3. I love the simplicity to your new lights! It's inspiring to see people accomplish projects around the house.

  4. That looks beautiful Celine! I love schoolhouse lights - so classic!

  5. these are so wonderful!

  6. omgosh celine!!! that looks great guys!

  7. tanya! you should get some sort of pendant light too! And put an incandescent light inside! It will look so friendly in your kitchen! scrap the flourescent for sure!

    Melinda! What else are you and chris doing in you already perfect home?! I can't wait to see!! Show me show me!

    Alexandria! I hope to do more things around the house this winter, how that wedding season is over!

    Jen! yess! Classic! I do love them!

    Kate! thank you! But I am still looking for bedside lights! yours are amazing!

    Roz! I wish these were up when you came by. Instead of seeing the half installed light hanging from our ceiling! so messy!

    Jason! thanks!

  8. they're beautiful lights!
    you can admire them all winter :)

  9. Love the shape of the lights, and just in time for Winter. They look great!