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I met two tiny little sisters this weekend, with tiny little hands, and tiny little fingers. Their names are Sarah and Layla, and they came into our lives two weeks ago.

Gabe and I did our first baby photo session this weekend. My good friends just gave birth to twins, and we happily went over with our cameras to capture them at their tiniest. They must have been really really tiny two weeks ago, because they are really small now! We had so much fun in this session, I really hope we are able to do more of these in the future!

Congratulations Noah and Leanna!

These are some photos I took, and Gabe took a lot more! From the previews I saw, the set looks really good!

And Congratulations to Famapa and the arrival of her little man! I am so happy for her and her hubby!!


  1. soo adorable, congratulations to ur friends on two sweet baby girls!!

    the photos look great!!

  2. what beautiful photos and of course beautiful babies!
    something strange is happening to me, so many of the blogs i'm reading suddenly have babies in them!
    considering i just told the blogging world last week i'm going to be a dad; it's kinda spooky.

  3. they are so tiny!!
    adorable babies.

  4. great photos of these beautiful tiny twins.

  5. this is such a wonderful set of happy baby photos!!!
    i find it hard to get good shots of babies but you do so well celine! i hope i can see more ;)

  6. thank you everybody! your encouragmeent really makes me want to do better, and take better photos. Truely, thank you.

    Sekimachihato - congratulations!! I am so happy for you!

  7. Wonderfully cute shots, and girls!