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Yukiko Otsu

yukiko otsu

You may have heard me mention Yukiko around here! We have been really good friends for a long time now. I met her on the first day of highschool in art class, and since that day, I have always been blown away by her amazing creations. She is talented in so many ways, let me just show you.

She insisted on making me my wedding dress, and all I had for reference was a photo of the dress I wanted. She made up her own pattern, and somehow, magically, she crafted my wedding dress. It was truely amazing, any bride is lucky to have a skilled, talented, and BRAVE friend like her around.

Her drawings for what she wore today are super cute!

She is an amazing cook.

And now, she opened up an online store for her illustrations!! I have been waiting for her to open one since I learned about etsy! I am so happy for her! This one is one of my favourites she did. Isn't it beautiful?


  1. what a clever and kind friend you have! i love her artwork- it's beautiful.

  2. Seriously cool artwork and talent going on here. So glad you shared about your friend.