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black and white


I love black and white photos, they are so nostalgic, and sometimes, dramatic. I have the cute photo of Jin the pirate slipped in the pages of my diary, so that I know where it is at all times, and so that I can look at it before I go to sleep. I am definitely going to frame it when we move into the new house. Something with a really big, white, matte border would be nice.

I have yet to take a good black and white photo that I am happy with. For now, I will leave it up to the photobooths!

This was taken on the day we bought our house! We were waiting in the lobby of the Drake, and the photobooth was actually working that day! The machine left funny dark streaks on the photo, making it look like Jin came out of a horror movie (the second frame!). He wasn't bleeding! I promise!

Thank you everyone for your warm congratulations!! I can't tell you how much it means to us that you are happy for us!! Thank you!

I can't wait to show you our house. There is a lot that needs to be done, and we are not going to do any major renovations immediately, but we will try our best to make it 'home'.


  1. I'm glad you finally found a B&W photobooth! Your photos are so cute!

  2. you two are so cute together!
    I am happy to know that amazing things are happening to you!*

  3. Hihi soo cute! I wish there were more photobooths overall...! Those are always so much fun!

  4. b&w photobooths are the best! we recently got to have some fun in one in berlin.. i wish there was one in london that i knew about!

  5. oh wow, that is amazing news!! can't wait to see the house, you look both very happy :-) xx
    love these photos

  6. can't wait to see some pics! congrats!!