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Speaking of food, has anyone seen the movie Julie and Julia?? I watched it last week, and I absolutely loved it!

I knew nothing about Julia Child before the movie came out (I know, shame on me), but after I learned more about her, I felt so inspired and hopeful! It gives me hope that even later on in life, I could find myself and find my joy. And that the concept of "being in your prime years" when you are young is just silly pressure that people put on themselves.

Meryl Streep was simply amazing! I have starry eyes for her! Like I said, I did not know anything about Julia Child, but if she was anything like Meryl's interpretation of her, I would love to be as bubbly and positive as she always seemed to be.


  1. celine, i had the exact same feeling as you after i watched it. i now have the confidence and motivation to keep doing what i love to do.

  2. me too celine, i had no idea who she was. i still don't know... (boo to mee). i hope to watch it soon tho --i really really adore meryl streep, she's pretty amazing.

  3. Oh my, I absolutely adore Julia Child! You should definitely pick "My Life in France" by Child. You won't put it down! I felt so inspired when I was done reading about her amazing life!

  4. I agree it is a wonderful movie. It inspired me to dig out my old copy of The Way to Cook and make her pizza dough. Also just started reading My Life in France and can't put it down (even stopped reading The Girl Who Played With Fire to read it).

  5. yes may! I can't wait until we start our little project! But, more urgently, I can't wait to start sending you letters when you are in Rome!

    Roz! you should watch it hun! You will love it! Meryl was SO GOOD in it! so good I wanted to cry!
    How is rocco?????

    Erin and Suzanne! wow! two recommendations on the book! It sounds amazing! If I read it, I know for sure I would want to ask Jin if we can move to France! But I think I will go to the book store and pick it up! Thanks for the recommendation ladies!

  6. Loving your blog! And, yes, how wonderful was Julie + Julia?!
    (Found you via Tanya at Snap + Tumble.)