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A year ago, if you asked to meet me anywhere on Saturday morning before 11:00 am, I would have laughed at you, because I knew I would be deeply sleeping in on the weekend mornings. But this year I have been forced to get up early in the mornings, for weddings, and trying oh so hard to go to the gym (I refuse to go to the gym after work, which explains my poor attendance.). It has been hard to adjust, but when we DO get up early and start moving, it feels so good to have accomplished something before noon.

This past Saturday, I met
Nikole at St. Lawrence Market, with the intention of getting there by 7:30 am! But we both ran late, and we actually met at ten to 8. Still, the earliest I have ever been anywhere on a Saturday morning! For the first time, I saw all the tables full of fresh produce, it felt so good to be able to pick from a larger selection! And, by the time we were done, it was only 10 am, still early enough to beat the regular brunch crowd. We weren't sure where to go for brunch in that neighbourhood though. Do you have any suggestions?

I wonder how the market looks at 5 am when it opens.

On Sunday, I made cinnamon pear pancakes with the eggs I bought from the market, and Nikole made
peach cream cakes. You have to take a look at her lovely recipe! It’s perfect!


  1. One of the best things is being early to a farmer's market. I really enjoyed this set of photographs. Very cool for sure.

  2. these images do have the early bird feel about them :)

  3. Wow, those look really fresh!

    I miss farmers' market. My friend and I would pull an all-nighter and go to the farmers market early in the morning back in college! It was so much fun.

  4. I have no idea where to go for brunch around there either but my suggestion would be to indulge in the breakfast in a bun from Carousel!

  5. i too am so bad at getting up early on a saturday, but when i do - i always say - i should do this more often! those peaches look amazing!

  6. nikole - moi aussi

    alexandria - so glad you enjoyed the photos!

    mary - Maybe I can get there earlier next time!

    aixx - I should have done that the next day after an all nighter! I was unfortunately not interested in farmers markets in the former years of my schooling.

    Lois - mmm! the breakfast bun sounds like a good idea!

    Melanie - I am still having a hard time getting up on weekday mornings! But I really do feel so good when I do get up!

  7. Oh, I miss the St. Lawrence farmer's market! Used to go over Saturday. Pick up some little spicy potato things from the bread people on the left, and some cashews from the nut people up the aisle!

  8. Oh, Petit Dejeuner is a great brunch spot in that neighbourhood! It's on King just east of Jarvis.