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Apartment Therapy

apartment therapy

That cottage again.

Apartment Therapy posted about the cottage in PEI probably a few weeks after we came back from our trip, but it took me a little while to find it. I like what Beth Zeigler wrote about the cottage, nice and concise, and it is said in words better than mine. Thanks Beth, for having me on AT!

The first person who commented on this post said my photos "look like a horror movie set up or something". That person is not entirely wrong, I was pretty spooked in this house for a couple of days, and I wouldn't go upstairs unless Jin was with me. But it is still the most beautiful cottage I have ever been to.


  1. ohhh I love apartment therapy! i'll be sure to pop over their and look at your photos. p.s i like spooky feeling photos. x

  2. Ah! I remember seeing this post on AT. The photos are great! I remember rolling my eyes when I read that first comment about it looking like a horror movie set up.

  3. I love that they used your photographs! Awesome!

  4. hello Celine, Happy Anniversary with your mariage, you're looking both very happy! i missed a few posts, that's why i'm so late :-(, i hope you will forgive me.
    Love your photos, don't see anything spooky on them.

  5. Thanks Mel! I hope you liked the article! And I kind of like spooky photos too!!

    John! hehe! thanks for rolling your eyes for me! I did a little roll too. This cottage just wasn't for that person.

    Alexandria! Thank you! I was so happy when Beth e-mailed me!

    Renilde! Thank you so much for your happy wishes! It is never too late! don't worry! And thank you for the lovely support about the photos!

  6. whoa what!! that's my home!!!! :)
    hehe i am joking. yay!!! i love those photos.
    well done miss, well done!

  7. thank you so much for the visit and your comment on my blog. i really like yours!

  8. Oh I remember this cottage! I would love to stay there one day. If the owner ever opens it up to the public, please let me know! I'd love to plan a trip there.