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I know 3 people who have something peachy about them. I thought they were funny and thought, you might find it funny too.

1. A little girl, I know eats peaches in a peculiar way. She licks the fuzzy peach skin all over before she starts eating it. I would think all the peach fuzz would get stuck on her cheeks when she does that! She is only three, and I watched her eat the entire peach that was the size of her head! She is so cute!

2. I know a grown man who is allergic to peaches, but he loves them, and still eats one when I have them in my kitchen. He says, one peach makes his throat itch a little, but if he eats more than 1, he will start to have a hard time breathing.

3. There is a very lovely lady whose middle name is "Peaches". Her father added it into her birth certificate at the hospital when her mother wasn't looking!! Her mother made sure that no more surprise names would turn up when her little brother was born! But I couldn't imagine a more perfect middle name for her, she is one of the cutest girls I know!

I guess peaches just bring the funnies out of people!


  1. I don't like peaches very much, but peaches are cute to look at! And the sound "peach" is lovely too! The lady who has that middle name will be happy about it, I guess;))

    The photos are soooo lovely! I love them all:)

  2. i love those little stories and the photos. looks delicious. x

  3. Such a sweet and funny post! Made me smile. Peaches are my favourite! I almost bought a bag of fuzzy peach candy yesterday, but instead I bought a basket of freestone peaches. Yum.

  4. i love your stories! <3

  5. cute stories celine!!!
    one time, i had a peach fuzzy shoot out of my nose because someone made me laugh so hard! it landed right on someone's face!!!

    hehehhe. i'm just joking. yay peaches!

  6. just came across your blog... very lovely.
    I love that peaches was snuck in as a middle name, that's so cute!

  7. when i was a kid, peaches were my top,together with cherries and strawberries :-)
    lovely post

  8. there are all kinds of allergies, aren't there? i'm allergic to melons. my throat gets itchy and swollen. it's so bizarre. love peaches, though. :-)

  9. :)
    this post is too cute and the photos are just lovely.

  10. Wish I had your perfect nails :)
    This looks delicious.