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Jin, the little pirate

little Jin

When Jin came home with this photo, it put an instant smile on my face. He always tells me stories of all the trouble he caused his mother when he was a kid, and this photo is proof of it!

What happened to his eye??

He doesn’t remember! But I imagine he did it by doing something he wasn’t supposed to!

He looks so adorable with the eye patch! And I love the stroller his sister is sitting in!


  1. That's the sweetest! I love old photos! And he looks the same! Is her stroller made out of a shopping cart? That would be amazing!

  2. hey this is so adorable!!!! it did put a huge smile on my face too, thank you for such a wonderul start of the day ;)

  3. jin's still got that same smile on his face!

  4. wow, what a sweet&beautiful photo :-)

  5. what a great picture! and with lovely wear :)

  6. Melinda! It DOES look like it was made from a shopping cart!!! I never even noticed!

    hiki! this photo makes me crack up everytime I see it!

    Roz! thanks!

    May! I know!!! SAME SMILE! I can't believe he was once this little!! it boggles my mind!

    Renilde! Thank you! hehe!

    Ulrika! yes! it is a great old photo! I wonder what year it was taken in.

    Eldon! I want to ask his mom what happened to him!

  7. this is such a neat picture!!! love having old, heirloom pics like this!

  8. haha, celine it's perfect!

  9. I can't help but smile with this. Wonderful of you to post and share!

  10. he looks like an adorable little pirate!

    I have to say this, I love the picture.