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Preparing for the arrival of our little char siu bao is ramping up to another level! I am at 34 weeks now and technically she could show up safely as early as 3 weeks from today! That sounds so soon!

I have pushed going to baby stores as late as I could but I finally went for the first time this month to research and buy things I think we need for her immediate arrival. All I have to say is that baby equipment is as foreign to me as...aerospace robotics, but we try to talk to as many people as we can (and everyone is very willing to give their two cents) and make decisions based on their experiences.

We have also been making time to spend with friends before she arrives. Since Chris is certified and teaches First Aid, Melinda & Chris had the brilliant idea of having dinner and going over some baby safety things with us, more specifically baby CPR! They had us over for a cozy dinner and afterwards, Chris thoroughly went over the steps of performing CPR on a baby, something we hope we never have to do but I definitely feel more confident now if the situation fell in front of us.

Just in case right? And a great excuse to have dinner together! (and to give Dre kisses!)


  1. Lovely pictures, I really like your blog!;)

  2. You never need an excuse for dinner or Dre kisses! Thanks for coming over, Celine & Jin! I hope you never have to use your new, (mad-) skills. xox

  3. PS - Jin cradling that creepy baby is so hilarious!!

  4. I love Dre!!!!
    Awww, I can't wait to meet your little Char Siu Bao! ;)


  5. It sounds like you are ready! Enjoy the last days together before baby's arrival!

  6. oh this is so great! such a good idea to learn baby cpr! great photos {even with the creepy alien baby cpr dolls hehe}, great blog:)

  7. Wow that sounds really soon! I don't have kids but I've always felt that half of what the baby store tries to sell us are really unnecessary. Happy to be meeting little char siu bao soon :)

  8. Oh wow– I feel like it was only just yesterday that you announced to us that you were expecting...time really passes by quickly. That's great that you feel more confident about such situations and I hope the next three weeks are pleasant ones! xx

  9. Celine, I am truly happy for you two...or three!!!

  10. Wow, 34 weeks! It feels as though it's gone by quickly (but maybe not for you??)! ;)

    What a great friend to have, with all his CPR/first aid knowledge!

  11. Congratulations! And I like your kitchen.

  12. This CPR doll looks so creepy!

  13. Hi celine!
    I simply fell in love with your flicker page. So I flicked myself to your blog. Your photos are inspiring. (Iam recently getting into photography).

    Please tell, what camera and lens is used?
    Followed. And maybe you'll stop by me someday.

  14. Hi there, you've been tagged on my blog. I hope you have time and inclination to answer the questions.
    All the best

  15. good for you for starting to get actual things at 34 weeks. i made the mistake of thinking my girl will be staying inside til at least 40 weeks (everyone kept saying first child will usually be late), but she decided to make her appearance in the middle of 37 weeks.... my husband had some fun buying the car seat on baby's birthday :)

    hnxing from flickr