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Friendly New York

nyc, looking up

coffee bar

vesuvio bakery

peace to the world


Eloise's feet

below New York

Eloise and Jin, so serious

central park

central park

We tried taking it slow while in New York, our first time travelling this long with Eloise. We spent our days having coffee, hanging out in parks and doing nothing in particular.

It was different travelling with a 3.5 month old, but New Yorkers are so kind and charming, it was actually a delight to be in the city with her. We couldn't walk 2 blocks without someone stopping us to say how beautiful she is and people were always ready to help us take her and her stroller up and down the stairs (so many stairs in New York!).

To all the New Yorkers we bumped into that showed us kindness, thank you so much!


  1. i'd love to learn how to use a wrap for a forward facing carry as jin did in that photo!!!

    1. I learned it from YouTube, here!

    2. Yay! Thank-you so much. I am going to try it out today. And, as far as I know, forward-facing carries are not bad for the spine, so long as the baby's legs are not dangling - so I think Eloise is just fine :)

    3. Hm, perhaps I should clarify - her hips and legs are in somewhat of a sitting position, she is not hanging from her crotch - which is what I meant when I said her legs are "not dangling". I think this is a safe and healthy carry position.

  2. What a sweet post. I too, have always had the nicest experiences with those from New York. These photos are gems.

  3. I don`t like to teach anybody, but for the health of your your child I have to say it: please, try not to wrap her facing out. It is so bad for her spine :(((

    I read your blog since months and fell in love with your ascetic style and photos... it is not like that, that I am an anonymus, who shows up only once to leave some critical comment, but when it goes about wrapping and so, I feel I have to say that.

  4. These photos are beautiful, Celine! You caught some beautiful little spots in NY! And I completely agree; New Yorkers were lovely, friendly people!

  5. love these shots!!! what a quiet + calm NYC they show...maybe you should make a 'new parents' guide to NYC? :)

  6. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures from your trip! It sounds like you had a really great time rediscovering NYC (:

  7. Hi! I'm new here and first of all, i should saw i really like your photos! But as other people already commented, when i saw the picture of your baby facing out, i also had this urge to write you and tell you not to do it. I know it's none of my business and i'm not judging you as a parent, i'm just alerting you, cause it's really not good for the spine! I know they love it, cause they can see a lot more, but it's not the best option. The same goes for putting her in a sitting position when she still can't sit by herself.
    I hope you don't take this in a bad way.
    All the best!

  8. these are great photos!
    I was just recently in nyc and the people there are the best, I would purposely ask them for directions to hear their cool accents.
    having two kids, that were both in carriers and sitting outwards, as long as they are supported securely (which she looks like she is) she perfectly fine.