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Decisions, decisions

decisions, decisions

The Meatball Shop

Every day in New York, we tried to eat somewhere delicious and there is no shortage of great places to eat in this city, the tough part was choosing which one to go to that day. This was at The Meatball Shop which really hit the spot after walking all day and I loved the restaurant decor.

Here are some other places we really enjoyed on our trip, most of them were recommended to us by Gabe and May, our go-to food advisers!

The Standard Grill
Miss Lily's
Five Leaves
the lobster roll at The Plaza's Food Hall


  1. ooh i like the polish on these photos celine, warm and fuzzy just like Jin. and yes i said that with a serious face

  2. He's so serious! haha! Hey, I understand... meatballs are serious business.

  3. beautiful! and thank you for the list: i might go back to new york soon :)

  4. the meatball place looks lovely! will you be sharing pictures of the food? glad you had fun in nyc!