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Too busy bitchin'

hello maisey

and not enough stitchin'!
I went to my first Stitch n' Bitch yesterday at the workroom! I brought my quilt to hand quilt, but I didn't get too much done because I was too marvelled at what everyone else was doing around me! And I met a lot of nice people. The Globe and Mail was there to interview Karyn, and other people participating at the Stitch n' Bitch. A photographer was there taking snaps of us, I want to see if I made it into the paper this Saturday! I ought to go to these things more often!

Any tips on how to take nicer photographs in artificial light? Mine are sooo yellow....


  1. ooooo how fun!! as for the yellow in your pictures... I don't know what camera you have but somewhere you should have a white balance setting (WB) and when you're shooting indoors with lights on you change the WB to tungsten (the symbol that looks like a light bulb). easy peasy lemon squeezy :0)

  2. i love the look of all those crochet needles. makes me want to forage for mine again and all my incomplete projects. i kind of like the yellow, but maybe i'm a bit colorblind.

  3. thanks famapa!
    I am going to try that WB thing! Your photos are so beautiful, so I totally trust your tip!

    Stephanie! you are not colourblind! hehe! I agree, some yellow is nice. It keeps it warm doesn't it? Those crochet needles are Becky's, whom I just met that night. She has such a huge collection!

  4. i always forget to change my setting for indoor nighttime photography. sometimes i just like the warm yellowy look, and sometimes i'm just a bit lazy!

    i'm soo glad you came, your quilt is so lovely and so are your tiny little hand stitches.

  5. me again... I tagged you today, quite a big one to sink your teeth in I reckon... have a lovely weekend!

  6. I'm envious between this & the last post. Communal crafting is the best.

  7. This looks like it was an awesome night! I'm excited for you and I hope to see more of your projects. I adored the wee cloud with rain drops you did a little while back.

  8. karyn! Thanks for organizing such an amazing night!

    Famapa! AHH! thanks for including me in this game! These tags are fun!

    Ambika! oh yes! communal crafting is so fun! I hope you get to join in some soon as well!

    Alexandria! Thank you! I have been meaning to make more clouds, but I always get distracted with other projects!