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a peculiar collection

a peculiar collection : red


a peculiar collection : purple



I love stamps. They are like tiny graphic posters to me. My parents introduced my brother and I to stamp collecting when we were six and seven years old. My whole family temporarily moved back to Hong Kong, and it was one of their ways of entertaining us so that we wouldn't be as home sick for Canada.

When I saw this at a massive yard sale at the park on Saturday, I had to have it. Who ever compiled this collection did it in an odd way. Each page is a collection of the same stamp, and it is glued onto the page, very neatly. It is so old though, that the stamps are starting to fall off. I want to figure out how to secure it on the piece of paper so that I can frame each of these one day.


  1. omgosh!! what a great collection!
    what a lucky find! yay! where was the yard sale?

  2. great find! I love all of these grouped together, looks really cool when you scroll down the screen :0)

  3. i totally agree with famapa!
    the colours are wonderful!

  4. Roz! the yard sale was at Trinity Bellwoods Park! I think it has become my favourite yard sale!

  5. Lucky you——what a great find! These pages are pretty crazy!

    ((I use stamp hinges to adhere my stamps——they won't damage your stamps and they're fairly sturdy. here's a link:

    I just found your blog… I like it!