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lobster clock

metal bed frame



I like the objects they put in the cottage. A clock made from a can of lobsters, metal beds, and lovely old chairs.

They kept all the original wallpaper in the house. I wish I could have some of these in my own home.

(the photos of the chairs were taken in film, the rest are taken digitally)


  1. oh these are wonderful!

  2. these are so pretty! and it's amazing that the digital photos work so well with the film ones, the light is just perfect in both. what kind of digital camera are you using?

  3. What a lovely little visual essay - that clock has won my heart. My favourite though is the chair against the damask wallpaper with the cabinet alongside. Just a perfect little vignette.

  4. WHOAAAAAAA MAN that is so totally how you'd expect a east coast house to look~~ so completely cozy-charming ( * W* )

    ahaha if I got to stay at a place like that I think I'd somehow trace that blue wallpaper so that I could replicate something like that in my own digs XD

  5. oh looks like a great place! love the carpet and the sailor wallpaper!!

  6. WOW! Hubby and I are looking for a place to rent in PEI and this place is just what we are looking for.

    Can we chat some more? I am in TO.

  7. Absolutely pretty walls and chairs with a feel of history. Captured so well!

  8. thank you so much everyone!

    christine - I use a Canon 40D as my digital camera :) But I wish I had a 5D!

    bon bon, I should have traced it! It didn't even cross my mind! you are brilliant!

    Momma - I sent you a little e-mail! I hope you got it!

  9. What a gorgeous, restful looking place to stay.