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bug collection

We knew our holiday would be full of relaxation, but getting there required some effort. The drive from our house to the cottage in Prince Edward Island is 1,800 km, which google maps says would take 20 hours to complete. We could have done it in 2 days, but we got distracted on the way and did it in 3. The trip involved a lot of gas top ups, washroom stops, road side picnics, and Timmy’s. What Canadian road trip would be complete without Tim Hortons timbits?
We collected a lot of bugs on our bumper and wind shield during the drive…..yuck!

We also took some spontaneous stops along the way. One of which was a visit to a really big apple! Photos of that to come in the next post.


  1. I like that you two went with the flow in being spontaneous. Some of the best finds on a trip are the unexpected.

  2. yay for timmy's! when we drove to normandy i was having timmy's withdrawals. seeing a timmy's makes you feel so at home.
    i can't wait to be able to take a road trip like that with john!
    waiting for your next post!

  3. there were lots of tim hortons in rhode island too. i was surprised. more photos please!

  4. martina - that is so weird! Timmy's in the states? good for Timmy's!